and I saw him nevermore

s arrived.“
They are loosed, the Count excites them, all three fling themselves upon my poor body, one would think they were sharing it in such wise that not one of its parts would be exempt from assault; in vain I drive them back, they bite and tear me with renewed fury, and throughout this horrible scene, Bressac, the craven Bressac, as if my torments nike air max 1 red had ignited his perfidiouslust…the beastly man gives himself up, while he regards me, to his companion’s criminal caresses.
„Enough,“ said he after several minutes had gone by, „that will do. Tie up the dogs and let’s abandon this creature to her sweet fate.
„Well indeed, Therese,“ says he as he severs my bonds, „virtue is not to be practiced at nike air max 1 some expense; a pension of two thousand crowns, would that no nike air max 1 sale t have been worth more than the bites you are covered with ?“
But in my state I can scarcely hear him; I slump to the foot of the tree and am about to lose consciousness.
„It is most generous of me to save your life,“ continues the traitor whom my sufferings inflame, „at least take good care how you ma cheap nike air max 1 ke use of this favor….“
Then he orders me to get up, dress, and quit the place at once. As my blood is flowing nike air max 1 ebay everywhere, in order that my few clothes, the only clothes I have, not be stained, I gather some grass to wipe myself; Bressac paces to and fro, much more preoccupied with his thoughts than concerned with me.
My swollen flesh, the blood that continues to stream from my multiple wounds, the atrocious pain I am enduring, everything makes the operation of dressing well nigh impossible; never once does the dishonest m nike air max 1 black an who has just put me into this horrible state… him for whom I once would have sacrificed my life, never once does he deign to show me the least hint of sympathy. When at length I am ready:
„Go whe cheap air max 1 rever you wish,“ says he; „you must have some money left, I will not take it from you, but beware of reappearing at any one of my houses in the city or the country: there are two excellent reasons for not doing so: nike air max 1 grey you may just as well know, first of all, that the affair you thought finished is not at all over. They informed you that the law was done with you; they told you what is not true; the warrant for your arrest still holds, the case is still warm: you were left in this situation so that your conduct might be observed. In the second place, you are going to pass, insofar as the public is concerned, for the Marqui nike air max 1 premium se’s m cheap nike air max 1/90 premium/fb/black/nd/og/black smoke/leopard/premium black urderer; if she yet breathes, I am going to see to it she carries this nike air max 1 leopard notion into the grave, the entire household will share it; and there you have two trials still to face instead of one: instead of a vile usurer, you have for an adversary a rich and powerful man who is determined to hound you into Hell itself if you misuse the life his compassion leaves to you.“
„Oh Monsieur !“ was my response, „whatever have been your severities with me, fear not that I will retaliate; I thought myself obliged to take steps against you when it was a question of your aunt’s life; but where only the unhappy Therese is involved, I shall never do anything. Adieu, Monsieur, may your crimes render you as happy as your cruelties have made me to suffer; and no matter what the fate reserved to me by Heaven, while it shall prolong my deplorabl e life, I shall only employ my days in uttering prayers for you.“
The Count raised his head; he could not avoid glancing at me upon hearing these words, and, as he beheld me quavering and covered with tears and doubtless was afraid lest he be moved by what he saw, the cruel one went away, and I saw him nevermore.
Entirely delivered unto my agony, I fell back again and lay by the tree; there, giving free reign nike air max 1 to my hurt, I made the forest resound with my groans; I pressed

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