the Spaniardsthat he would go and

three ofhis own men.
The nike air max 1 grey men returned the next day without going to the Indian village.
Columbus then sent out nine men, with an Indian, who found a town of athousand huts about four and a half leagues from the ship. They thoughtthe population was three thousand. The village in Cuba is spoken of ashaving twenty people to a ho nikeairmax 1 ebay use. Here the houses were smaller or thecount of the numbers extravagant. The people approached the explorers carefully, and with tokens of respect. Soon they gained confidence andbrought out food for them: fish, and bread made from roots, „which tastedexactly as if it were made of chestnuts.“In the midst of this festival, the woman, who had been sent back fromthe ship so graciously, appeared borne on the shoulders of men who wereled by her husband.
The Spaniards t nike air max 1 hought these natives of St. Domingo much whiter thanthose of the other islands. Columbus says that two of the women, ifdressed in Castilian costume, would be counted to be Spaniards. He saysthat the heat of the country is intense cheap air max 1 , and that if these people lived in acoo nike air max 1 black ler region they would be of lighter color.
On the fourteenth of December he conti nike air max 1 nued his voyage eastward, andon the fifteenth landed on the little island north of Hayti, which he calledTortuga, or Turtle island. At midnight on the sixteenth he sailed, andlanded on Hispaniola again. Five hundred Indians met him, accompaniedby their king, a fine young man of about twenty years of age. He hadaround him several counselors, one of whom appeared to be nike air max 1 premium his tutor. Tothe steady questions where gold could be found, the reply as steady wasmade that it was in „the Island of Babeque.“ This island, they said, wasonly two days off, and they pointed out the route. The interview ended inan offer by the king to the Admiral of all that he had. The explorers neverfound this mysterious Babequ cheap nike air max 1/90 premium/fb/black/nd/og/black smoke/leopard/premium black e, unless, as Bishop Las Casas guessed,Babeque and Jamaica be the same.
The king visited Columbus on his ship in the evening, and Columbusentertained him with European food. With so cordial a beginning ofintimacy, it was natural that the visitors should spend two or three dayswith the cheap nike air max 1 se people. The king would not believe that any sovereigns ofCast nike air max 1 leopard ile could be more powerful than the men he saw. He and those aroundhim all believed that they came direct from heaven.
Columbus was always asking for gold. He gave strict orders that itshould always be paid for, when it was taken. To the islanders it wasmerely a matter of ornament, and they gladly exchanged it for the glassbeads, the rings or the bells, which seemed to them more ornamental. Oneof the caciques or chiefs, evidently a man of distinction and authority, h nike air max 1 red ad little bits of gold which he exchanged for pieces of glass. It proved that hehad clipped them off from a larger piece, and he went nike air max 1 sale back into his cabin,cut that to pieces, and then exchanged all those in trade for the white man’scommodities. Well pleased with his bargain, he then told the Spaniardsthat he would go and get much more and would come and trade with themagain.
On the eighteenth of December, the wind not serving well, they waitedthe return of the chief whom they had first

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