ally the only one that did matter

ally the only one that did matter. But I knew that boys were dangerous. They’d say they loved you, but they were always after something.
Even though I didn’t trust boys, I sure did wish one would show some interest in me. Kenny Hall, the old guy down the nike air max sale street who was still pining away for me, didn’t count. If any boy was interested in me, I wondered if I’d have the wherewithaltnike air max 90 o tell him, when he tried to go too far, that cheap nike air max I was not that kind of girl. But the truth was, I didn’t need to worry much about fending off advances, seeing how梐s Ernie Goad told me on every available occasion桰 was pork-chop ugly. And by that he meant so ugly that if I wanted a dog to play with me, I’d have to tie a pork chop around my neck.
I had what Mom called distinctive looks. That was one way of putting it. I was nearly six feet tall, pale as a frog’s underbelly, and had bright red hair. My elbows were like flying wedges and my knees like tea saucers. But my most prominent feature梞y worst梬as my teeth. They weren’t rotten or crooked. In fact, they were big, healthy things. But they stu ck straight out. The top row thrust forward so enthusiastically that I had trouble closing my mouth complet cheap nike air max trainers ely, and I was alwa nike air max 1 ys stretching my upper lip to try to cover them. When I laughed, I put my hand over my mouth.
Lori told me I had an exaggerated view of how bad my teeth looked. „They’re just a little bucked,“ she’d say. „They have a certain Pippi Long-stockingish charm.“ Mom told me my overbite gave my face character. Brian said they’d come in handy if I ever needed to eat a nike air max cheap nike air max 90/2013 shoes australia online store n apple through the knothole in a fence.
What I needed, I knew, was braces. Every time I looked in the mirror, I longed for what the other kids called a barbed-wire mouth. Mom and Dad had no money for braces, of course梟one of us kids had ever even been to the dentist梑ut since I’d been babysitting and doing other kids’ homework for cash cheap nike air max , I resolved to save up until I could afford braces myself. I had no idea how much they cost, so I approached the only girl in my class who wore braces and, after complimenting her orthodontia, casually asked how much it had set her folks back. When she said twelve hundred dollars, I nike air max 90 sale almost fell over. I was getting a dollar an hour to babysit. I usually worked five or six hours a week, which meant that if I saved every penny I earned, it would take about four years to raise the money.
I decided to make my own braces.
* * *I went to the library and asked for a book on orthodontia. The librarian looked at me kind of funny and said she didn’t have one, so I realized I’d have to figure th nike air max 95 ings out as I went along. The process involved some experimentation and several false starts. At first I simply used a rubber band. nike air max classic Before going to bed, I would stretch it all the way around the entire set of my upper teeth. The rubber band was small but thick and had a good, tight fit. But it pressed down uncomfortably on my tongue, and sometimes it would pop off during the night and I’d wake up choking on it. Usually, however, it nike air max 90 stayed on all night, and in the morning my gums would be sore from the pressure on my teeth.
That seemed like a promising sign, but I be

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