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l mask he was wearing.
He wouldn’t let me hug him. „Whoa, Nelly, stay back,“ he said. „You’re sure a sight for sore eyes, honey, but I don’t want you catching this sono nike air max fabitch of a bug.“Dad escorted me back to the TB ward and introduced me to all of his friends. „Believe it or not, ol’ Rex Walls did pr nike air max 90 sale oduce something worth bragging about, and here sheis,“ hetold them. Then nike air max 95 he started coughing.
„Dad, are you going to be okay?“ I asked.
„A nike air max 1 in’t none of us getting out of this alive, honey,“ Dad said. It was an expression he used a lot, and now he seemed to find a special satisfaction i cheap nike air max n it.
Dad led me over to his cot. A neat pile of books was stacked next to it. He said his bout with TB had set him to pon cheap nike air max 90/2013 shoes australia online store dering about mortality and the nature of the cosmos. He’d been stone-cold sober since entering the hospital, and reading a lot more about chaos theory, particularly about the work of Mitchell Feigenbaum, a physicist at Los Alamos who had made a study of the transition between order and turbulence. Dad said he was damned if Feigenbaum didn’t make a persuasive case that turbulence was not in fact random but followed a sequential spectrum of varying frequencies. If every action in th e universe that we thought was random actually conformed to a rational pattern, Dad said, that implied the existence of a divine creator, and he was beginning to rethink his atheistic creed. „I’m not saying there’s a bearded old geezer named Yahweh nike air max 90 up in the clouds deciding which football team is going to win the Super Bowl,“ Dad said. „But if the physics梩he quantum physics梥uggests that God exists, I’m more than willing to entertain the notion.“Dad showed me some of the calculations he’d been working on. He saw me looking at his trembling fingers nike air max 90 and held them up. „Lack of liquor or fear of God梔on’t know which is causing it,“ he said. „Maybe both.““Promise you’ll stay here until you get better,“ I said. „I don’t want you doing the skedaddle.“Dad burst into laughter that ended in another fit of coughing.
DAD STAY nike air max classic ED IN THE hospital for six weeks. By then he’d not only beaten back the T cheap nike air max trainers B, he’d been sober longer than any time since the Phoenix detox. He nike air max sale knew that if he went back to the streets, he’d start drinking again. One of the hospital administrators got him a job as a maintenance man at an upstate resort, room cheap nike air max and board included. He tried to talk Mom into going with him, but she flatly refused. „Upstate’s the sticks,“ she said.
So Dad went alone. He called me from time to time, and it sounded like he’d put together

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