natives would offer their pre

it him to leave hisplace, and readily took a seat at his side, when it was offered. Columbusoffered him Europ nike air max ean food and drink; he tasted of each, and then gavewhat was offered to his attendants nike air max 90 . The ceremonious Spaniards found aremarkable dignity in his air and gestures. After the repast, one of hisservants brought a handsome belt, elegantly wrought, which he presentedtoColumbus,with two small pieces of gold, also delicately wrought.
Columbus observed that this cacique looked with interest on thehangings of his ship-bed, and made a present of them to him, in return forhis offering, with some amber beads from his own neck, some red shoesand a flask of orange flower water.
On the nineteenth, after these agreeable hospitalities, the squadronsailed ag nike air max 90 ain, and on the twentieth ar cheap nike air max 90/2013 shoes australia online store rived at a harbor which Columbuspronounced the finest he had ever seen. The reception he met here and theimpressions he formed of Hispaniola determined him to make a colony onthat island. It may be said that on this determination nike air max classic the course of his afterlife turned. This harbor is now known as the Bay of Azul.
The men, whom he sent on shore, found a large village not far fromthe shore, where they were most cordially received. The natives beggedthe Europeans to stay with them, and as it proved, Columbus accepted theinvitation for a part of his crew. On the first day three different chiefscame to visit him, in a friendly way, with their retinues. The next day morethan a hundred and twenty canoes visited the ship, bringing with them such presents as the people thought would be acceptable. Among thesewere bread from th cheap nike air max trainers e cassava root, fish, water in earthen jars, cheap nike air max and the seedsof spices. These spices they would stir in with cheap nike air max water to make a drinkwhich they thought healthful.
On the same day Columbus sent an embassy of six men to a large townin nike air max 1 the interior. The chief by giving his hand „to the secretary“ pledgedhimself for their safe return.
The twenty-third was Sunday. It was spent as the day before had been,in mutual civilities. The natives would offer their pre nike air max 95 sents, and say „take,take,“ in their own language. Five chiefs were among the visitors of theday. From their accounts Columbus was satisfied that there was much goldin the island, as indeed, to the misery and destruction of its inhabitants,there proved to be. He thought it was larger than England. But he wasmistaken. In his journal of the next day he mentions Civao, nike air max 90 sale a land to thewest, where they told him that there was gold, and again he thought hewas approaching Cipango, or Japan.
The next da nike air max sale y he left these hospitable people, raising anchor in themorning, and with a light land wind continued towards the west. At elevenin

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