Snakes have a special slimy place

. I said, „Is he trying to tell us there are more people dying in this twenty-four-hour period than inthe rest of human history up to now?““He’s saying the dead are greater today than ever before, combined.““What dead? Define the dead.““He’s saying people now dead.““What do you mean, now dead? Everybody who’s dead is now dead.““He’s saying people in graves. The known dead. Those youcan count.“I waslistening intent nike air max 90 ly, trying to grasp what they meant. A second plate of food came for Orest.
„But people sometimes stay in graves for hundreds of years. Is he saying there cheap nike air max are more dead cheap nike air max people in graves thananywhere else?““It depends on what you mean by anywhere else.““I don’t know what I mean. The drowned. The blown-to-bits.““There are more dead now than ever before. That’s all he’s saying.“I looked at him a while longer. Then I turned to Orest.
„You are intentionally facing death. You are setting out nike air max 90 to do exactly what people spend their lives trying not to do.
Die. I want to know why.““My trainer says, ‘Breathe, don’t think.’ He says, ‘B nike air max e a snake and you’ll know the stillness of a snake.'““He has a trainer now,“ Heinrich said.
„He’s a Sunny Moslem,“ Orest said nike air max 90 sale .
„Iron City has some Sunnies out near the airport.““The Sunnies are mostly Korean. Except mine’s an Arab, I think.“I said, „Don’t you mean the Moonies are mostly Korean?““He’s a Sunny,“ Orest said.
„But it’s the nike air max sale Moonies who are mostly Korean. Except they’re not, of course. It’s only the leadership.“They thought about this. I watched Orest eat. I watched him pitchfork the spaghetti down his gullet. The serious headsat motionless, an entryway for the food. that flew off the mechanical fork. What purpose he conveyed, what nike air max 1 sense ofa fixed course of action pursued absolutely. If each of us is the center of his or her existence, Orest seemed intent onenlarging the center, making it everything. Is this what athletes do, occupy the self more fully? It’s possib nike air max 95 le we envythem for a prowess that has lit nike air max classic tle to do with sport. In building toward a danger, they escape it in some deeper sense,they dwell in some angelic scan, able to leap free of e cheap nike air max trainers veryday dying. But was Orest an athlete? He would do nothingbut sit— sit for sixty-seven days in a glass cage, waiting to be publicly bitten.
„You will not be able to defend yourself,“ I said. „Not only that but you will be i cheap nike air max 90/2013 shoes australia online store n a cage with the most slimy, fearedand repulsive creatures on earth. Snakes. People have nightmares about snakes. Crawling slithering cold-bloodedegg-laying vertebrates. People go to psychiatrists. Snakes have a special slimy place i n our collective

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