themselves the weaker also find

ties are not by any means sustained by nike air max 90 Virtue; rather by self-interest, egoism, selfishness; this eulogy of Virtue, which you have fabricated out of a false hypothesis, miscarries; it is not at all owing to virtuousness that, believing myself, let us suppose, the cheap nike air max strongest of the band, I do not use a dagger on my comrades in order to appropriate their shares, itisbecause, thereupon finding myself all alone nike air max 1 , I would deprive myself of the means which assure me the fortune I expect to have with their help; similarly, this is the single motive which restrains them from lifting their arms against me. Now this motive, as you, Therese, perfectly well observe, is purely selfish, and has not even the least appearance of virtue; he who wishes to struggle alone against society’s interests must, you say, expect to perish; will he not much more certainly perish if, to enable him to exist therein, he nike air max sale has nothing but his misery and is abandoned by others ? nike air max 90 sale What one terms the interest of society is simply the mass of individual interests unified, but it is never otherwise than by ceding that cheap nike air max trainers this private interest can accommodate and blend with the general interest; well, what would you have him cede who has nothing he can relinquish? And he who had much? Agree that he should see his error grow apace with the nike air max classic discovery that he was giving infinitely more than he was getting in return; and, such being the case, agree that the unfairness of the bargain should prevent him from concluding it. Trapped in this dilemma, the best thing remaining for this man, don’t you agree, is to quit this unjust society, to go elsewhere, and to accord prerogatives to a different society of men who, placed in a situation comparable to his, have their interest in combating, through the coordination of their lesser powers, the broader authority that wishe nike air max d to extract from the poor man what little he possessed in exchange for nothing cheap nike air max at all. But you will say, thence will be born a state of perpetual warfare.
Excellent! is that not the perpetual state of Natur nike air max 95 e? Is it not the only state to which we are really adapted ? All men are born isolated, envious cheap nike air max 90/2013 shoes australia online store , cruel and despotic; wishing to have everything and surrender nothing, incessantly struggling to maintain either their rights or achieve their ambition, the legislator comes up and says to them: Cease thus to fight; if each were to retreat a little, calm would be restored. I find no fault with the position implicit in the agreement, but I maintain that two species of individuals cannot and ought not submit to it, ever; tho nike air max 90 se who feel they are th e stronger have no need to give up anything in order to be happy, and those who find themselves the weaker also find

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