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s needed in order to make them stout r nike air max 1 red eply. By my misfortunes often forced to neglect my pious duties, I would make reparation for these faults whenever I could find the opportunity.
Chapter 23
I had just, on the 7th of August, left Auxerre; I shall never forget that date. I had walked about two leagues: the noonday heat beginning to incommode me, I climbed a little eminence crownedbya grove of trees; the place was not far removed from the road, I went there with the purpose of refreshing myself and obtaining a few h cheap nike air max 1/90 premium/fb/black/nd/og/black smoke/leopard/premium black ours of sleep nike air max 1 grey without having to pay the expense of an inn, and up there I was in greater safety than upon the highway. I established myself at the foot of an oak and, after a frugal l nike air max 1 leopard unch, I drifted off into sweet sleep. Well did I rest, for a considerable time, and in a state of complete tranquillity; and then, opening my eyes, it was with great pleasure I mused upon the landscape which was visible for a long distance. From out of the middle of a forest that extended upon the right, I thought I could detect, some three or four leagues from where I was, a little bell tower rising modestly into the air…. „Beloved solitude,“ I murmured, „what a desire I have to dwell a time in thee; and thou afar,“ said I, addressing the abbey, „thou must be the asylum of a few gentle, virtuous recluses who are occupied with none but God… with naugh cheap air max 1 t but their pious duties; or a retreat unto some holy hermits devoted to Religion alone… men who, far removed from that pernicious nike air max 1 society where incessant crime, brooding heavily, threatfully over innocence, degrades it, annihilates it… ah! there must all virtues dwell, of that I am certain, and when mankind’s crimes exile them out of the world, ’tis thither they go in that isolated place to commune with the souls of those fortunate ones who cherish them and cultivate them every day.“
I was absorbed in these thoughts when a girl of my age, keeper of a flock of sheep grazing upon the plateau, suddenly appeared before my eyes; I question her about that habitation, she tells me what I see is a Benedictine monastery occupied by four solitary monks of peerless devotion, whose continence and sobriety are without example. On nike air max 1 black ce a year, says the girl, a pilgrimage is made to a miraculous Virgin who is there, and from Her pious folk obtain all their heart nike air max 1 ebay s’ desire. Singularly eager immediately to go and implore aid at the feet of this holy Mother of God, I ask the girl whether she would like to come a nike air max 1 nd pray with me; ’tis impossible, she replies, for her mother awaits her; but the road there i nike air max 1 sale s easy. She indicates it to me, she assures me the superior of the house, the most respectable, the most saintly of men, will receive me with perfect good grace and will offer me all the aid whereof I can possibly stand in need. „Dom Severino, so he is called,“ continues the girl, „is an Italian closely related to the Po nike air max 1 premium pe, who overwhelms him with kindnesses; he is gentle, honest, correct, obliging, fifty-five years old, and has spent above two-thirds of cheap nike air max 1 his life in France… you will be satisfied with him, Mademoiselle,“ the shepherdess concluded, „go and edify yourself in that sacred quiet, and you will only

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