certainty that this society would

ude of wrongs inflicted upon others cannot offset the least enjoyment lost to himself or be as important as his slightest pleasure purchased by an unheard-of host of villainies. Joy pleas nike air max 1 ebay es him, it is in him, it is his own, crime’s nike air max 1 sale effect touches him not, is exterior to him; well, I ask, what thinking man will not prefer what causes his delectation to whatisalien to him? who will not consent to commit this deed whereof~ he experiences nothing unpl cheap air max 1 easant, in order to procure what moves him most agreeably?“
Chapter 9
„Oh Madame,“ I said to Dubois, asking her leave to reply to her execrable sophistries, „do you not at all feel that your damnation is writ in what you have just uttered? At the very most, such principles nike air max 1 premium could only befit the person powerful enough to have nothing to dread from othe nike air max 1 red rs; but we, Madame, perpetually in fear and hu nike air max 1 miliated; we, proscribed by all honest folk, condemned by every law, should we be the exponents of doctrines which can only whet the sword blade suspended above our heads? Would we find ourselves in this unhappy position were we in the center of society; were we to be where, that is to say, we ought to be, without our misconduct and delivered from our miseries, nike air max 1 do you fancy such maxims could be any more fitting to us? How would you have him not perish who through blind egoism wishes all alone to strive against the combined interests of others? Is not society right never to suffer in its midst the man who declares himself hostile to it? And can the isolated individual fight against everyone? nike air max 1 black Can he flatter himself he is happy and tranquil if, refusing to submit to the social contract, he does nike air max 1 grey not consent to give up a little of his happiness to insure the rest? Society is maintained only by the ceaseless interexchange of considerations and good works, those are the bonds which cement the edifices; such a one who instead of positive acts offers naught but crimes, having therefore to be dreaded, will necessarily be attacked if he is the strongest, laid low by the first he off cheap nike air max 1/90 premium/fb/black/nd/og/black smoke/leopard/premium black ends if he is the weakest; but destroyed at any rate, for there is in man a powerful instinct which compels him to safeguard his peace and quiet and to strike whosoever seeks to trouble them; that is why the long endurance of criminal associations is virtually impossible: their well-being suddenly confronted by cold steel, all the o nike air max 1 leopard thers must promptly unite to blunt the threatening point cheap nike air max 1 . Even amongst ourselves, Madame, I dare add; how can you lull yourself into believing you can maintain concord amongst ourselves when you counsel each to heed nothing but his own self-interest? Would you have any just complaints to make against the one of us who wanted to cut the throats of the others, who did so in order to monopolize for himself what has been shared by his colleagues? Why, ’tis a splendid panegyric to Virtue, to prove its necessity in even a criminal society… to prove for a certainty that this society would

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