I was exposing myself to

f she desires them, can they offend her? And who else can be offended if she is not ?
Chapter 15
„But my aunt is the creature I am going to destroy…. Oh, Therese, in a philosopher’s view how frivolous are these consanguinary ties! Forgive me, but I do not even wish to discuss them, so futile are they. These contemptible chains, fruit of our laws and our poli nike air max 1 ebay tical institutionscanthey mean anything to Nature?
„Desert your prejudices, Therese, leave them behind, and serve me; your fortune is made.“
„Oh Monsieur !“ I replied, terrified by the Comte de Bressac, „your mind invents this theory of an impassive, indifferent Nature; deign rather to heed y cheap nike air max 1/90 premium/fb/black/nd/og/black smoke/leopard/premium black our heart, and you will hear it condemn all libertinage’s false reasonings. Is not that heart, to whose tribunal I cheap air max 1 recommend you, the sanctuary where nike air max 1 leopard this Nature you outrage wishes to be heard and respected? If she engraves upon it the extreme horror of the crime you meditate, will you grant me it is a damnable one? Passions, I know, are blinding you at the present moment, but once they subside, how will you not be torn by remorse?
The greater your sensitivity, the more cruelly shall it sting you…. Oh Monsieur! preserve, respect this tender, invaluable friend’s life; sacrifice it not; you would perish of despair! Every day… at every instant you would be visited by the image of this cherished aunt, she whom your unthinking rage would have nike air max 1 sale hurled into her tomb; you would hear her plaintive voice still pronouncing those sweet names that were your childhood’s joy; she would be present during your waking hours and appear to tortur cheap nike air max 1 e you in your dreams; she would nike air max 1 red open with her bloodstained fingers the wounds wherewith you would have mutilated her; thereafter not one happy moment would shine for you while you dwelt upon this earth; you would become a stranger to pleasures; your every idea would be of trouble; a celestial arm, whose might you do not appreciate, would avenge the days you would have obliterated, by envenoming your own, and without having tasted happiness from your felonies, you would be slain by mortal sorrow for having dared accomplish them.“
As I uttered these words tears returned to my eyes, I sank to my knees before the Count; by all that is most holy I did implore him to let fade into oblivion an infamous aberration I swore to him all my life I would conceal…. But I did not know the man with whom I was dealing; I knew not to nike air max 1 premium what point passions had enthroned crime in that perverse soul. The Count rose and spoke in a voice of ice.
„I see very well I was mistaken, Therese,“ said he. „I regret i nike air max 1 grey t, perhaps as much on your account as on my own; no matter, I shall discover other means, and it will be much you shall have lost without your mist nike air max 1 ress gaining anything.“
The threat changed all my ideas; by not accepting the criminal role proposed to me, I was exposing myself to great personal risk and my protectress was infallibly to perish; by consenting to be his accomplice, I would shield myself from the Count’s wrath and would assuredly save his aunt; an instant’s reflection convinced me I should agree to everything. But as so ra nike air max 1 black pid a reversal would have appeared suspicious, I strove to delay my capitulation; I obliged the Count to repeat his nike air max 1 sophistries often;

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