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cupied with suchexplorations. The natives proved friendly, as the natives of the northernside of Cuba had proved two years before. They had, in general, heard ofthe visit of the Spaniards ; but their wonder and admiration seem to havebeen none the less now that they saw the reality.
On one occasion the hopes of all the party, that they should findthemselves at the court of the Grand Khan, were greatlyquickened.ASpaniard had gone into a nike air max 1 forest alone, hunting. Suddenly he saw a manclothed in white, or thought he did, whom he supposed to be a friar of theorder of Saint Mary de Mercedes, who was with the expedition. But,almost immediately, ten other f riars dressed in the same costume, appeared,and then as many as thirty. The Spaniard was frightened at themultiplication of their number, nike air max 1 red it hardly appears why nike air max 1 , as they were all menof peace, or should have been, whatever their number. He called out to his companions, and bade them escape. But the men in white called out nike air max 1 sale to him,and waved their hands, as if to assure him that there was no danger. He didnot trust them, however, but rushed back to the shore and the ship, as fastas he could, to report what he had seen to the Admiral.
Here, at last, was reason for hope that they had found one of theAsiatic missions of the Church. Columbus at once landed a party,instructing them to go forty miles inland, if necessary, to find people. Butthis party found neither path nor roadway, although the country was cheap nike air max 1 richand fertile. Another party brought back rich bunches of grapes, and othernative fruits. But neither party saw any friars of the order of Saint Mary.
And it is no nike air max 1 grey w supposed that the Spaniard saw a peacef cheap air max 1 ul flock of whitecranes. The traveller Humboldt describes one occasion, in which the townof Angostura was put to alarm by the appearance of a flock of cranesknown as soldados, or cheap nike air max 1/90 premium/fb/black/nd/og/black smoke/leopard/premium black „soldiers,“ which were, as people supposed, a bandof Indians.
In his interviews with the natives at one poi nike air max 1 ebay nt and another, upon thecoast, Columbus was delighted with their simplicity, their hospitality, andtheir kindly dealing with each other. On one occasion, wh nike air max 1 black en the Mass wascelebrated, a large number of them were present, and joined in the service,as well as they could, with respect and devotion. An old man as much aseighty years old, as the Spaniards thought, brought to the Admiral a basketfull of fruit, as a present. Then he said, by an interpreter:
„We have heard how you have enveloped, by your power, all thesecountries, and how much afraid of you the people have been. But I have to nike air max 1 leopard exhort you, and to tell you that there are two ways when men leave thisbody. One is dark and dismal; it is for those who have injured the race ofmen. The other is delightful and pleasant; it is for those who, while alive,have loved peace and the repose of mankind. If, then, you remember thatyou are mortal, and what these retributions are, you will do no harm to anyone.“Columbus told him in reply that he had known of the two roads afterdeath, and nike air max 1 premium that he was well pleased to find tha

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