under an oxygen tent or lying in

hter in college, and an Ivy League college at that. Every time he met some nike air max 1 grey one new, he managed to work it into the first few minutes of conversation.
Mom and Dad, Brian pointed out, had options. They could move back to West Virginia or Phoenix. Mom could work. And she w cheap nike air max 1/90 premium/fb/black/nd/og/black smoke/leopard/premium black as not destitute. She hadhercollection of antique Indian jewelry, which she kept in a self-storage locker. There was the two-carat diamond ring that Brian and I had found under the rotten lumber back in Welch; she wore it even when sleeping on the street. She still owned property in Phoenix. And she had the land in Texas, the source of her oil-lease royalties.
Brian was right. Mom did have options. I met her at a coffee shop to discuss nike air max 1 ebay them. First off, I suggested that she might think of finding an arrangement like mine: a room in someone’s nice apartment in exchange for taking care of children or the elderly.
„I’ve spent my life taking care of other people,“ Mom said. „Now it’s time nike air max 1 sale to tak cheap air max 1 e care of me.““But you’re not taking care of you.““Do we have to have this conversation?“ Mom asked. „I’ve seen some good movie nike air max 1 black s lately. Can’t we talk about the movies?“I suggested to Mom that she sell her Indian jewelry. She wouldn’t consider it. She loved that jewelry. Besides, they were heirlooms and had sentimental value.
I mentioned the land in Texas.
„That land’s been in the family for generations,“ Mom said, „and it’s staying in the family. You never sell land like that.“I asked about the property in Phoenix.
„I’m saving that for a rainy day.““Mom, nike air max 1 leopard it’s pouring.““This is just a drizzle,“ she said. „Monsoons could be ahead!“ She sipped her tea. „Things usually work out in the end.““What if they don’t?““That just means you haven’t come to the end yet.“She looked across the table and smiled at me with the smile you give people when you know you have the answers to all their ques tions. And so we talked about movies.
MOM AND DAD SURVIVE nike air max 1 D the winter, but every time I saw them, they looked a little worse for wear: dirtier, more bruised, their hair more matted.
„Don’t you fret a bit,“ Dad said. „Have you ever known your old man to get himself in a situation he couldn’t handle?“I kept telling myself Dad was right, that they knew how to look after themselves and each other, but in the spring, Mom called me to say Dad had come down with tuberculosis.
Dad almost never nike air max 1 got sick. He was always getting banged up and then recovering almost immediately, as if nothing could truly hurt him. A part of me still be cheap nike air max 1 lieved all those childhood stories he’d told us about how invincible he was. Dad had asked that no one visit him, but Mom said she thought he’d be pretty pleased if I dropped by the hospital.
I waited at the nurse’s station w nike air max 1 premium hile an orderly went to tel nike air max 1 red l him he had a visitor. I thought Dad might be under an oxygen tent or lying in a bed coughing up blood into a white

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