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ouch. I watched from the writing desk with my arms folded across my chest. I knew the problem was not that we all had poor circulation. We didn’t need to start doing toe touches. We needed to take drastic measures. I was twelve by now, and I had been weighing our options, doing some research at the publi cheap air max 1 c library and picking up scraps of information about how other families on LittleHobartStreet survived. I had come up with a plan and had been wai cheap nike air max 1/90 premium/fb/black/nd/og/black smoke/leopard/premium black ting for the opportunity to broach it to Mom. The moment seemed ripe.
„Mom, we can’t go on living like this,“ nike air max 1 leopard I said.
„It’s not so bad,“ she said. Between each toe touch, she was reaching up into the air.
„We haven’t had anything to eat but popcorn for three days,“ I said.
„You’re always so negative,“ she said. „You remind me of my mother梒riticize, criticize, criticize.““I’m not being negative,“ I said. „I’m trying to be realistic.““I’m doing the best I can under the circumstances,“ she said. „How come you never blame your father for anything? He’s no saint, you know.““I know,“ I said. I ran a finger along the edge of the desk. Dad was always parking his cigarettes cheap nike air max 1 there, and it was ribbed with a row of black cigarette burns, like a decorative border. „Mom, you have to leave Dad,“ I said.
She stopped doing her toe touches. „I can’t believe you would say that,“ she said. „I can’t believe that you, of all people, would turn on your father.“ I was Dad’s last defender, she continued, the only one who pretended to believ nike air max 1 red e all his excuses and tales, and to have faith in his plans for the future. „He loves you so much,“ Mom said nike air max 1 ebay . „How can you do this to him?““I don’t blame Dad,“ I said. And I didn’t. But Dad seemed hell-bent on destroying himself, and I was afraid he was going to pull us all down with him. „We’ve got to get away.““But I can’t leave your father!“ she said.
I told Mom that if she left Dad, she’d be eligible for government aid, which she couldn’t get now because she had an able-bodied husband. Some people at school梟ot nike air max 1 to mention half the people on Little Hobart Street梬ere on welfare, and it wasn’t so bad. I knew Mom was opposed to welfare, but those kids got food stamps and clothing nike air max 1 grey allowances. The state bought them coal and paid for their school lunches.
Mom wouldn’t hear of it. Welfare, she said, would cause irreparable psychological damage to us kids. „You can be hungry every now and then, but once you eat, you’re okay,“ she said. „And you can get cold for a while, but you always warm up. Once you go on welfa nike air max 1 sale re, it changes you. Even if you get off welfare, you never escape the stigma that you were a charity case. You’re scarred for life.““Fine,“ I said. „If we’re not charity cases, then get a job.“ There was a teacher sho nike air max 1 rtage in McDowell County, just like there had been in Battle Mountain. She could get work in a heartbeat, and when she had a salary, we could move into a litt nike air max 1 premium le apartment in town.
„That sounds like an awful life,“ Mom said.
„Worse than this?“ I asked.
Mom turned quiet. She seemed to be thinking. Then she looked up. She was smiling serenely. „I can’t leave your father,“ she said. „It’s against the Catholic faith.“ Then she sighed. „And anyway, you kn nike air max 1 black ow your mom. I’m an excitement addict.“MOM NEVER TOLD Dad that I’d

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