a dollar and would feed us

r and hadn’t stirred. When I lit the kerosene l nike free amp nike free running shoes , I saw that Dad also had a big gash in his right forearm and a cut on his head so deep that I could see the white of his skull. I nike free review got a toothpick and tweezers and picked the rocky grit out of the gash. Dad didn’t wince when I poured rubbing alcohol on the wound. Because of all his hair, I hadnoway to put on a bandage, and I told Dad I should shave the area around the cut. „Hell, honey, that would ruin my image,“ he said. „A fellow in my position’s got to look presentable.“Dad studied the gash on his forearm. He tightened a tourniquet around his upper arm and told me to fetch Mom’s sewing box. He fumbled around in it for silk thread but, unable to find any, decided that c Nike Free Run otton would be fine. He threaded a needle with black thread, handed it to me, and pointed at the gash. „Sew it up,“ he said.
„Dad! I can’t do that.““Oh, go ahead, honey,“ he said. „I’d do it myself, except I can’t do diddly with my left hand.“ He smiled. „Don’t worry about me. I’m so thoroughly pickled, I won’t feel a thing.“ Dad lit a cigarette and placed his arm on the table. „Go ahead,“ he said.
I pressed the needle up against Dad’s skin and shuddered.
„Go ahead,“ he said again.
I pushed the needle and felt a slight tug when it pierced the skin. I wanted to close my eyes, but I needed to see. I pushed a little harder and felt the resistance of Dad’s flesh. It was like sewing meat. It was sewing meat.
„I can’t, Dad, I’m sorry, I just can’t do it,“ I nike free 3.0 sale said.
„We’ll do it together,“ Dad said.
Using his left hand, he guided my fingers as they pushed the needle all the way in through his skin and out the other side. A few droplets of blood appeared cheap nike free run 2 . I pulled the needle out and then gave the thread a gentle jerk to tighten it. I tied the two ends of the thread together, like Dad tol nike free run 2 review d me to, and then, to put in a second stitch, did it again. The gash was pretty big and could have used a few more stitches, but I couldn’t bring myself to stick that needle in Dad’s arm one more time.
We both looked at the two dark, slightly sloppy stitches.
„That’s some fine handiwork,“ Dad said. „I’m mighty proud of you, Mountain Goat.“When I left the house the next morning, Dad was still asleep. When I came home in the evening, he was gone.
DAD HAD TAKEN TO disappearing for days Cheap Nike Free Run 3/5.0 Runners Shoes Australia Womens/Mens Sale at a time. When I asked him where he’d been, his ex nike free trainers uk planations were either so vague or so improbable that I stopped asking. Whenever he did come home, he usually brought a bag of groceries in each ar nike free 3.0 review m. We’d gobble deviled-ham sandwiches with thick slices of onion while he told us about the progress of his investigation into the UMW and his latest moneymaking schemes. People were always offering him jobs, he’d explain, but he wasn’t interested in work for hire, in saluting and sucking up and brownnosing and taking orders. „You’ll never make a fortune working for the boss man,“ he said. He was focused on striking it rich. There might not be gold in West Virginia, but there were plenty of other ways to make your pile. For instance, he was working on a technology to burn coal more efficiently, so that even the lowest-grade c nike free run plus oal could be mined and sold. There was a big market for that, he said, and it was going to make us rich beyond our dreams.
I listened to Dad’s plans and tried to encourage him, hoping that what he was saying was true but also pretty certain it wasn’t. Money would come in梐nd with it, food

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