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violating some sort of taboo. „Wouldn’t anybody get mad?“ I asked.
„‘Cause you’re white?“ she asked. „Your own kind might, but we won’t. And your own kind won’ t be there.“* * *The next morning I met Dinitia in front of the pool entrance, my thrift-shop one-piece rolled nike free inside my frayed gray towel. The white girl clerking the entrancebooth gaveme a surprised look when we passed through the gate, but she said nothing. The women’s locker room was dark and smelled of Pine-Sol, with cinder-block walls and a wet cement floor. A soul tune was blasting out of an eight-track tape player, and all the black women packed between the peeling wooden benches were singing and dancing to the music.
In the locker rooms I’d been in, the white women always seemed embarrassed by their nakedness and wrapped towels around their waists before slipping off their underpants, but here most of the women were buck-naked. Some of them were skinny, with angular hips and jutting collarbones. Others had big pillowy behinds and huge swinging breasts, and they were bumping their butts together and pushing their breast nike free trainers uk s up against each other as they danced.
As soon as the women saw me, they stopped dancing nike free 5.0 v4 . One of the nike free run plus naked ones came over and stood in front of me, her hands on her hips, her breasts so close I was terrified her nipples were going to touch me. Dinitia explained that I was with her and that I was good people. The women looked at one another and shrugged.
I was going on thirteen and self-conscious, so I planned to slip my bathing suit on und nike free 3.0 review erneath my dress, but I worried this would only mak Nike Free Run e me more conspicuous, so I took a deep breath and stepped out of my clothes. The scar on my ribs was about the size of my outstretched hand, and Dinitia noticed it immediately. I explained that I had gotten it when I was three, and that I’d been in the hospital for six weeks getting skin grafts, and that was why I never wore a bik Cheap Nike Free Run 3/5.0 Runners Shoes Australia Womens/Mens Sale ini. Dinitia ran her fingers lightly over the scar tissue. „It ain’t so bad,“ she said.
„Hey, ‘Nitia!“ one of the women shou nike free review ted. „Your white friend’s got a red bush coming in!““What did you expect?“ Dinitia asked.
„That’s right,“ I said. „Collar got to match the cuffs.“It was a line I’d heard Dinitia use. She smiled at it, and the women all shrieked with laughter. One of the dancers bumped her hip up against me. I felt welcome enough to give a saucy bump back.
Dinitia and I stayed i nike free 3.0 sale n the pool all morning, splashing, practicing the backstroke and the butterfly. She flailed around in the water almost as much as I did. We stood on our hands and stuck our legs out of the water, did underwater twists, and played Marco Polo and chicken with the other kids. We climbed out to do cannonballs and watermelons off the side, mak cheap nike free run 2 ing big geyserlike splashes intended to drench as many people sitting poolside as possible. The blue water sparkled and churned white with foam. By the time the free swim wa nike free run 2 review s over, my fingers and toes were completely wrinkled, and my eyes were red and stinging from the chlorine, which was so strong it wafted up from the pool in a vapor you could practically see. I’d never felt cleaner.
THAT AFTERNOON I WAS alone in the house, still enjoying the itchy, dry feeling of my chlorine-scoured skin and the wobbly-bone feeling you get from a lot of exercise, when I heard a knock on the door. The noise startled me. Almost no one ever visited us at 93 Little Hobart Street. I opened the door a few inches and peered out. A balding man carrying a file folder under his arm stood on the porch. Something about him said government梐 specie nike free running shoes s Dad had trained us to avoid.
„Is the head of the household in?“ he asked.
„Who wants to know?“ I said.

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