friends sneered at

es, but—well, as cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery a matter of fact, I could use a little money right now.” Her eyes brightenedas she thought of the mill. Perhaps—“What for? More taxes?”
“Is that any of your business?”
“Yes, because you are getting ready to touch me for a loan. Oh, I know all the approaches. AndI’ll lend it to you—without, my dear Mrs. Kennedy, that charming collateralyou offered me ashort while ago. Unless, of course, you insist.”
“You are the coarsest—”
“Not at all. I merely wanted to set your mind at ease. I knew you’d be worried about that point.
Not much worried but a little. And I’m willing to lend you the money. But I do want to know howyou are going to spend it. I have that right, I believe. If it’s to buy you pretty frocks or a carriage,take it with my blessing. But if it’s to buy a new pair of breeches for Ashley Wilkes, I fear I must Leopard print ghds uk – cheap ghds sale decline to lend it.”
She was hot with sudden rage and she stuttered until words came.
“Ashley Wilkes has never taken a cent from me! I couldn’t make him take a cent if he werestarving! You don’t understand him, how honorable, how proud he is! Of course, you can’tunderstand him, being what you are—”
“Don’t let’s begin calling names. I could call you a few that would match any you could think offor me. You forget that I have been keeping up with you through Miss Pittypat, and the dear soultells all she knows to any sympathetic listener. I know that Ashley has been at Tara ever since hecame home from Rock Island. I know that you have even put up with having his wife around,which must have been a strain on you.”
“Ashley is—”
“Oh, yes,” he said, waving his hand negligently. “Ashley is too sublime for my earthycomprehension. But please don’t forget I was an intereste cheap ghds d witness to your tender scene with himat Twelve Oaks and something tells me he hasn’t changed since then. And neither have you. Hedidn’t cut so sublime a figure that day, if I remember rightly. And I don’t think the figure he cutsnow is much better. Why doesn’t he take his family and get out and find work? And stop living at Tara? Of course, it’s just a whim of mine, but I don’t intend to tend you a cent for Tara to helpsupport him. Among men, there’s a very unpleasant name for men who permit women to supportthem.”
“How dare you say such things? He’s been working like a field hand!” For all her rage, her heartwas wrung by the memory of Ashley splitting fence rails.
“And worth his weight in gold, I dare say. What a hand he must be with the manure and—”
“Oh, yes, I know. Let’s grant that he does the best he can but I don’t imagine he’s much help.
You’ll never make a farm hand out of a Wilkes—or anything else that’s useful. The breed is purelyornamental. Now, quiet your ruffled feathers and overlook my boorish remarks about the proudand honorable Ashley. Strange how these illusions will persist even in women as hard headed asyou are. How much money do you want and what do you want it for?”
When she did not answer he repeated:
“What do you want it for? And see if you can manage to tell me the truth. It will do as well as alie. In fact, better, for if you lie to me, I’ll be sure to find it out, and think how embarrassing thatwould be. Always remember this, Scarlett, I can stand anything from you but a lie—your dislikefor me, your tempers, all your vixenish ways, but not a lie. Now what do you want it for?”
Raging as she was at his attack on Ashley, she would have given anything to spit on him andthrow his offer of money proudly into his mocking face. For a moment s ghd outlet he almost did, but the coldhand of common sense held her back. She swallowed her anger with poor grace and tried toassume an expression of pleasant dignity. He leaned back in his chair, stretching his legs towardthe stove.
“If there’s one thing in the world that gives me more amusement than anything else,” heremarked, “it’s the sight of your mental struggles when a matter of principle is laid up againstsomething practical like money. Of course, I know the practical in you will always win, but I keephanging around to see if your better nature won’t triumph some day. And when that day comes Ishall pack my bag and leave Atlanta forever. There are too many women whose better natures arealways triumphing. … Well, let’s get back to business. How much and what for?”
“I don’t know quite how much I’ll need,” she said sulkily. “But I want to buy a sawmill—and Ithink I can get it cheap. And I’ll need two wagons and two mules. I want good mules, too. And ahorse and buggy for my own use.”
“A sawmill?”
“Yes, and if you cheap ghd straighteners £50 ’ll lend me the money, I’ll give you a half-interest in it.”
“Whatever would I do with a sawmill?”
“Make money! We can make loads of money. Or I’ll pay you interest on the loan—let’s see,what is good interest?”
“Fifty per cent is considered very fine.”
“Fifty—oh, but you are joking! Stop laughing, you devil. I’m serious.”
“That’s why I’m laughing. I wonder if anyone but me real cheap ghd straighteners izes what goes on in that head back ofyour deceptively sweet ghd straighteners face.”
“Well, who cares? Listen, Rhett, and see if this doesn’t sound like good business to you. Franktold me about this man who has a sawmill, a little one out Peachtree road, and be wants to sell it.
He’s got to have cash money pretty quick and he’ll sell it cheap. There aren’t many sawmillsaround here now, and the way people are rebuilding—why, we could sell lumber sky high. Theman will stay and run the mill for a wage. Fran cheap ghd wide plate straighteners k told me about it. Frank would buy the millhimself if he had the money. I guess he was intending buying it with the money he gave me for thetaxes.”
“Poor Frank! What is he going to say when you tell him you’ve bought it yourself right out fromunder him? And how are you going to explain my lending you the money without compromisingyour reputation?”
Scarlett had given no thought to this, so intent was she upon the money the mill would bring in.
“Well, I just won’t tell him.”
“He’ll know you didn’t pick it off a bush.”
“I’ll tell him—why, yes, I’ll tell him I sold you my diamond earbobs. And I will give them toyou, too. That’ll be my collat—my whatchucallit.”
“I wouldn’t take your earbobs.”
“I don’t want them. I don’t like them. They aren’t really mine, anyway.”
“Whose are they?”
Her mind went swiftly back to the still hot noon with the country h ush deep about Tara and thedead man in blue sprawled in the hall.
“They were left with me—by someone who’s dead. They’re mine all right. Take them. I don’twant them. I’d rather have the money for them.”
“Good Lord!” he cried impatiently. “Don’t you ever think of anything but money?”
“No,” she replied frankly, turning hard green eyes upon him. “And if you’d been through what Ihave, you wouldn’t either. I’ve found out that money is the most important thing in the world and,as God is my witness, I don’t ever intend to be without it again.”
She remembered the hot sun, the soft red earth under her sick head, the niggery smell of thecabin behind the ruins of Twelve Oaks, remembered the refrain her heart had beaten: I’ll never behungry again. I’ll never be hungry again,”
I’m going to have money some day, lots of it, so I can have anything I want to eat. And thenthere’ll never be any hominy or dried cheap ghd air peas on my table. And I’m going to have pretty clothes andall of them are going to be silk—”
“All,” she said shortly, not even troubling to blush at his implication. “I’m going to have moneyenough so the Yankees can never take Tara away from me. And I’m going to have a new roof for Tara and a new barn and fine mules for plowing and more cotton than you ever saw. And Wadeisn’t ever going to know what it means to do without the things he needs. Never! He’s going tohave everything in the world. And all my family, they aren’t ever going to be hungry again. I meanit. Every word. You don’t understand, you’re such selfish hound. You’ve never had theCarpetbaggerstryingtodriveyouout. You’veneverbeen(a) cold and ragged and had to break yourback to keep from starving!”
He said quietly: “I was in the Confederate Army for eight months. I don’t know any better placefor starving.”
“The army! Bah! You’ve never had to pick cotton and weed corn. You’ve— Don’t you laugh atme!”
H leopard print ghds is hands were on hers again as her voice rose harshly.
“I wasn’t laughing at you. I was laughing at the difference in what you look and what you reallyare. And I was remembering the first time I ever saw you, at the barbecue at the Wilkes’. You hadon a green dress and little green slippers, and you were knee deep in men and quite full of yourself.
I’ll wager you didn’t know then how many pennies were in a dollar. There was only one idea inyour whole mind then and that was ensnaring Ash—”
She jerked her hands away from him.
“Rhett, if we are to get on at all, you’ll have to stop talking about Ashley Wilkes. We’ll alwaysfall out about him, because you can’t understand him.”
“I suppose you understand him like a book,” said Rhett maliciously. “No, Scarlett, if I am tolend you the money I reserve the right to discuss Ashley Wilkes in any terms I care to. I waive theright to collect interest on my loan but not that right. And there are a number of things about thatyoung man I’d like to know.”
“I do not have to discuss him with you,” she answered shortly.
“Oh, but you do! I hold the purse strings, you see. Some day when you cheap ghd flat iron are rich, you can havethe power to do the same to others. … It’s obvious that you still care about him—”
“I do not.”
“Oh, it’s so obvious from the way you rush to his defense. You—”
“I won’t stand having my friends sneered at.”
“Well, we’ll let that pass for the moment. Does he still care for you or did Rock Island make himforget? Or perhaps he’s learned to appreciate what a jewel of a wife he has?”
At the mention of Melanie, Scarlett began to breathe hard and could scarcely restrain herselffrom crying out the whole story, that only honor kept Ashley with Melanie. She opened her mouthto speak and then clos heap ghd hair straighteners uk ed it.
“Oh. So he still hasn’t enough sense to appreciate Mrs. Wilkes? And the rigors of prison didn’tdim his ardor for you?”
“I see no need to discuss the subject.”
“I wish to discuss it,” said Rhett. There was a low note in his voice which Scarlett did notunderstand but did not like to hear. “And, by God, I will discuss it and I expect you to answer me.
So he’s still in love with you?”

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