slightly stained but made

he old lodge, loved being back within walking distance of untamed country, and was staying sober. Dad worked at the resort through the summer and into the fall. As it began to nike free trainers uk turn cold again, Mom called him and mentioned how much easier it was for two people to stay warm during nike free running shoes the winter, and how much Tinkle the dog missed him. In November, after thefirsthard frost, I got a call from Brian, w nike free 5.0 v4 ho said that Mom had succeeded in persuading Dad to quit his job and return to the city.
„Do you think he’ll stay sober?“ I asked.
„He’s already back on the booze,“ Brian said.
A few weeks after Dad got back, I saw him at Lori’s. He was sitting on the sofa with an arm around Mom and a pint bottle in his hand. He laughed. „This crazy-ass mother of yours, can’t live with her, can’t live without her. And damned if she doesn’t feel the same about me.“* * *All of us kids had our own lives by then. I was in college, Lori had become an illustrator at a comic-book company, Maureen lived with Lori and went to high school, and Brian, nike free review who had wanted to be a cop ever since he’d had to call a policeman to our house in Phoenix to break up a fight between Mom and Dad, had bec nike free ome a warehouse foreman and was Nike Free Run serving on the auxiliary force until he was old enough to take the police department’s entrance exam. Mom suggested we all celebrate Christmas at Lori’s apartment. I bought Mom an antique silver cross, but finding a gift for Dad was harde nike free run 2 review r; he always said he never needed anything. Since it looked like nike free run plus it was going to be another hard winter, and since Dad wore nothing but his bomber jacket in even the coldest weather, I decided to get him some warm clothes. At an army-surplus store, I bought flannel shirts, thermal underwear, thick wool socks, the kind of blue work pants that auto mechanics wear, and a new pair of steel-toed boots.
Lori decorated her apartment with colored lights and pine boughs and paper angels; Brian made eggnog; and to demonstrate that he was on his best behavior, Dad went to great lengths to make sure there was no alcohol in it before he accepted a glass. Mom pa cheap nike free run 2 ssed around their presents, each wrapped in newspaper and tied with butcher’s t wine. Lori got a cracked lamp that might have been a Ti nike free 3.0 review ffany; Maureen, an antique porcelai Cheap Nike Free Run 3/5.0 Runners Shoes Australia Womens/Mens Sale n doll that had lost most of her hair; Brian, a nineteenth-century book of poetry, missing the cover and the first few pages. My present was an orange crewneck sweater, slightly stained but made, Mom pointed out, of genuine Shetland wool.
When I passed Dad my stack of carefully wrapped boxes, he protested that he needed and wanted nothing. „Go ahead,“ I said. „Open them.“I watched as he carefully removed the wrapping. He nike free 3.0 sale

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