the gun still clutched in

d to a trickle, spread across the tile floor. Isaw beyond words. I knew what red was, saw it in terms of dominant wavelength, luminance, purity. Mink’s painwas beautiful, intense.
I fired a second shot just to fire it, relive the experience, hear the sonic waves layering through the room, feel the jolttravel up my arm. The bullet struck hi nike free m just inside the right hipbone. A claret stainappearedon his shorts and shirt.
I paused to notice him. He sat wedged between the toilet bowl and wall, on nike free 3.0 sale e sandal missing, eyes totally whi Nike Free Run te. I triedto see myself from Mink’s viewpoint. Looming, dominant, gaining life-power, storing up life-credit. But he was toofar gone to have a viewpoint.
It was going well. I was pleased to see how well it was going. The trucks rumbled overhead. The shower curtainsmelled of mildewed vinyl. A richness, a smashing intensity. I approached the sitting figure, careful not to step inblood, leave revealing prints. nike free trainers uk I took out my handkerchief, wiped the weapon clean, placed it in Mink’s hand,cautiously removing the handkerchief, painstakingly wrapping his bony fingers, one by Cheap Nike Free Run 3/5.0 Runners Shoes Australia Womens/Mens Sale one, around the stock,delicately working his index finger nike free run 2 review through the trigger guard. He was foaming, a little, at the mouth. I stepped backto survey the remains of the shattering moment, the scene of squalid violence and lonely death at the shadowy fringesof society. This was my plan. Step back, regard the squalor, make sure things were correctly placed.
Mink’s eyes dropped out of his nike free review skull. They gleamed, briefly. He raised his hand and pulled the trigger, shooting me inthe wrist.
The world collapsed inward, all those vivid textures and connections buried in mounds of ordinary stuff. I wasdisappointed. Hurt, stunned and disappointed. What had happened to nike free running shoes the higher plane of energy in which I’d carriedout my scheme? The pain was searing. Blood covered my forearm, wrist and hand. I staggered back, moaning,watching blood drip from the tips of my fingers. I was. troubled and confused. Colored dots appeared at the edge ofmy field of vision. Familiar little dancing specks. The extra dimensions, the super perceptions, were reduced tovisual clutter, a whirling miscellany, meaningless.
„And this could represent the leading edge of some warmer air,“ Mink s cheap nike free run 2 aid.
I looked at him. Alive. His lap a puddle of blood. With the restoration of the normal order of matter and sensation, Ifelt I was seeing him for the first time as a pers nike free 5.0 v4 on. The old human muddles and quirks were set flowing again.
Compassion, remorse, mercy. But before I could help Mink, I had to do some basic repair w nike free 3.0 review ork on myself. Onceagain I took out my handkerchief, managed with my right hand and my teeth to tie it firmly just above the bullet holein my left wrist, or between the wound and the heart. Then I sucked at the wound b riefly, not knowing quite why, andspat out the resulting blood and pulp. The bullet had made a shallow penetration and deflected away. Using my goodhand, I grabbed Mink by his bare f nike free run plus oot and dragged him across the blood-dappled tile, the gun still clutched in his fist.

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