ordered as the plans enlarg

sion of Fonseca’s, and succeeded. For all the period while he christian louboutin wedding shoes managedthe Indian affairs of Spain, Fonseca kept his own interests in sight moreclosely than those of Spain or of the colonists; and not Columbus only, butevery other official of Sp christian louboutin ain in the West Indies, had reason to regret theappointment.
The king of Portugal and the sovereignsofSpain began complicatedand suspicious negotiations with each other regarding the new discoveries.
Eventually, as has been said, they acceded to the pope’s proposal anddecree. But, at first, distrusting each other, and jimmy choo concealing their realpurposes, in the worst style of the diplomacy of that time, they attemptedtreaties for the adjustment between t christian louboutin bridal hemselves of the right to lands not yetdiscovered by either. Of these negotiations, the important result was thatwhich has been named,–the change of the meridian of division from thatp christian louboutin sale roposed by the pope. It is curious now christian louboutin outlet to see that the king of Portugalproposed a line of division, which would run east and west, so that Spainshould have the new territories nor christian louboutin boots th of the latitude of the Grand Canary,and Portugal all to the south.
In the midst of negotiation, the king and queen and Columbus knewthat whoever was first on the ground of discovery would have the greatadvantage. There was a rumor in Spain that Portugal had already cheap louboutins sent outvessels to the west. Everything was pressed with alacrity at Cadiz. Theexpedition was to be under Columbus’s absolute command. Seamen ofreputation were engaged to serve under him. Sev christian louboutin shoe sale enteen vessels were totake out a colony. Horses as well as cattle and other domestic animalswere provided. Seeds and plants of differ cheap christian louboutin ent kinds were sent out, and tothis first coloniz christian louboutin uk ation by Spain, America owes the sugar-cane, and perhapssome other of her tropical productions.
Columbus remained in Barcelona until the twenty-third of May. But before that ti christian louboutin black me, the important orders for the expedition had been given.
He then went to Cadiz himself, and gave his personal attention to thepreparations. Applications were eagerly pressed, from all quarters, forpermission to go. Young men of high family were eager to try the greatadven ture. It was necessary to enlarge the number from that at firstproposed. The increase of expense, ordered as the plans enlarg

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