without a struggle

hat stormy night when the knocker hammered on the door with such hurried urgency, she stoodon the landing, clutching her wrapper to her and, looking down into the hall below, had oneglimpse of Tony’s swarthy saturnine face before he leaned forward and blew out the candle inFrank’s hand ghd straighteners . She hurried down in the darkness to grasp his cold wet hand and hear him whisper:
“They’re after me—going to Texas—my horse is about dead—and I’m about starved. Ashley saidyou’d— Don’t light the candle! Don’t wake the darkies. … I don’t want to get you folks in troubleif I can help it.”
With the kitchen blinds drawn and all the shades pulled down to the sills, he permitted a lightand he talked to Frank in cheap ghd hair straighteners under £50 from usa sale swift jerky sentences as Scarlett hurried about, trying to scrape together ameal for him.
He was without a greatcoat and soaked to the skin. He was hatless and his black hair wasplastered to his little skin. But the merriment of the Fontaine boys, a chilling merriment that night,was in his little dancing eyes as he gulped down the whisky she brought him. Scarlett thanked Godthat Aunt Pittypat was snoring undisturbed upstairs. She would certainly swoon if she saw thisapparition.
“One damned bast—Scalawag less,” said Tony, holding out his glass for another drink. “I’veridden hard and it’ll cost me my skin if I don’t get out of here quick, but it was worth it By God,yes! I’m going to try to get to Texas and lay low there. Ashley was with me in Jonesboro and hetold me to come to you all. Got to have another horse, Frank, ghd outlet and some money. My horse is nearlydead—all the way up here at a dead run—and like a fool I went out of the house today like a batout of hell without a coat or hat or a cent of money. Not that there’s much money in our house.”
He laughed and applied himself hungrily to the cold corn pone and cold turnip greens on whichcongealed grease was thick in white flakes.
“You can have my horse,” said Frank calmly. “I’ve only ten dollars with me but if you can waittill morning—”
“Hell’s afire, I can’t wait!” said Tony, emphatically but jovially. “They’re probably right behind me. I didn’t get much of a start. If it hadn’t been for Ashley dragging me out of there and makingme get on my horse, I’d have stayed there like a fool and probably had my neck stretched by now.
Good fellow, Ashley.”
So Ashley was mixed up in this frigh tening puzzle. Scarlett went cold, her hand at her throat.
Did the Yankees have Ashley now? Why, why didn’t Frank ask what it was all about? Why did hetake it all so coolly, so much as a matter of course? She struggled to get the question to her lips.
“What—” she began. “Who—”
“Your father’s old overseer—that damned—Jonas Wilkerson.”
“Did you—is he dead?”
“My God, Scarlett O’Hara!” said Tony peevishly. “When I start out to cut somebody up, youdon’t think I’d be satisfied with scratching him with the blunt side of my knife, do you? No, byGod, I cut him to ribbons.”
“Good,” said Frank casually. “I never liked the fellow.”
Scarlett looked at him. This was not the meek Frank she knew, the nervous beard clawer whoshe had learned could be bullied with such ease. There was an air about him that was crisp andcool and cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery he was meeting the emergency with no unnecessary words. He was a man and Tony was aman and this situation of violence was men’s business in which a woman had no part.
“But Ashley— Did he—”
“No. He wanted to kill him but I told him it was my right, because Sally is my sister-in-law, andhe saw reason finally. He went into Jonesboro with me, in case Wilkerson got me first. But I don’tthink old Ash will get in any trouble about it. I hope not. Got any jam for this corn pone? And canyou wrap me up something to take with me?”
“I shall scream if you don’t tell me everything.”
“Wait till I’ve gone and then scream if you’ve got to. I’ll tell you about it while Frank saddlesthe horse. That damned—Wilkerson has caused enough trouble already, know how he did youabout your taxes. That’s just one of his meannesses. But the wors cheap ghd straighteners t thing was the way he kept thedarkies stirred up. If anybody had told me I’d ever live to see the day when I’d hate darkies! Damntheir black souls, they believe anything those scoundrels tell them and forget every living thingwe’ve done for them. Now the Yankees are talking about letting the darkies vote. And they won’tlet us vote. Why, there’s hardly a handful of Democrats in the whole County who aren’t barredfrom voting, now that they’ve ruled out every man who fought in the Confederate Army. And ifthey give the negroes the vote, it’s the end of us. Damn it, it’s our state! It doesn’t belong to theYankees! By God, Scarlett, it isn’t to be borne! And it won’t be borne! We’ll do something about itif it means another war. Soon we’ll be having nigger judges, nigger legislators—black apes out ofthe jungle—”
“Please—hurry, cheap ghds tell me! What did you do?”
“Give me another mite of that pone before you wrap it up. Well, the word got around thatWilkerson had gone a bit too far with his nigger-equality business. Oh, yes, he talks it to thoseblack fools by the hour. He had the gall—the—” Tony spluttered helplessly, “to say niggers had a right to—to—white women.”
“Oh, Tony, no!”
“By God, yes! I don’t wonder you look sick. But hell’s afire, Scarlett, it can’t be news to you.
They’ve been telling it to them here in Atlanta.”
“I—I didn’t know.”
“Well, Frank would have kept it from you. Anyway, after that, we all sort of thought we’d callon Mr. Wilkerson privately by night and tend to him, but before we could— You remember thatblack buck, Eustis, who used to be our foreman?”
“Came to the kitchen door today while Sally was fixing dinne heap ghd hair straighteners uk r and—I don’t know what he saidto her. I guess I’ll never know now. But he said something and I heard her scream and I ran into thekitchen and there he was, drunk as a fiddler’s bitch—I beg your pardon, Scarlett, it just slippedout.”
“Go on.”
“I shot him and when Mother ran in to take care of Sally, I got my horse and started toJonesboro for Wilkerson. He was the one to blame. The damned black fool would never havethought of it but for him. And on the way past Tara, I met Ashley and, of course, he went with me.
He said to let him do it because of the way Wilkerson acted about Tara and I said No, it was myplace because Sally was my own dead brother’s wife, and he went with me arguing the whole way.
And when we got to town, by God, Scarlett, do you know I hadn’t even brought my pistol, I’d leftit in the stable. So mad I forgot—”
He paused and gnawed the tough pone and Scarlett shivered. The murderous rages of theFontaines had made County history long before this chapter had opened.
“So I had to take my knife to him. I found him in the barroom. I got him in a corner with Ashleyholding back the others and I told him why before I lit into him. Why, it was over before I knewit,” said Tony reflecting. “First thing I knew, Ashley had me on my horse and told me to come toyou folks. Ashley’s a good man in a pinch. He keeps his head.”
Frank came in, his greatcoat over his arm, and handed it to Tony. It was his only heavy coat butScarlett made no protest. She seemed so much on the outside of this affair, this purely masculineaffair.
“But Tony—they need you at home. Surely, if you went back and explained—”
“Frank, you’ve married a fool,” said Tony with a grin, struggling into the coat. “She thinks theYankees will reward a man for keeping niggers off his women folks. So they will, with a drumheadcourt and a rope. Give me a kiss, Scarlett. Frank won’t mind and I may never see you again. Texasis a long way off. I won’t dare write, so let the home folks know I got this far in safety.”
She let him kiss her and the two men went out into the driving rain and stood for a moment,talking on the back porch. Then she heard a sudden splashing of hooves and Tony was gone. Sheopened the door a crack and saw Frank leading a heaving, stumbling horse into the carriage house.
She shut the door again and sat down, her knees trembling.
Now she knew what Reconstruction meant, knew as well as if the house were ringed about bynaked savages, squatting in breech clouts. Now there came rushing to her mind many things towhich she had given little thought recently, conversations she had heard but to which she had notlistened, masculine talk which had been checked half finished when she came into rooms, smallincidents in which she had seen no significance at the time, Frank’s futile warnings to her againstdriving out to the mill with only the feeble Uncle Peter to protect her. Now they fitted themselvestogether into one horrifying picture.
The negroes were on top and cheap ghd wide plate straighteners behind them were the Yankee bayonets. She could be killed, shecould be raped and, very probably, nothing would ever be done about it. And anyone who avengedher would be hanged by the Yankees, hanged without benefit of trial by judge and jury. Yankeeofficers who knew nothing of law and cared less for the circumstances of the crime could gothrough the motions of holding a trial and put a rope around a Southerner’s neck.
“What can we do?” she thought, wringing her hands in an agony of helpless fear. “What can wedo with devils who’d hang a nice boy like Tony just for killing a drunken buck and a scoundrellyScalawag to protect his women folks?”
“It isn’t to be borne!” Tony had cried and he was right. It couldn’t be borne. But what could theydo except bear it, helples cheap ghd hair straighteners s as they were? She fell to trembling and, for the first time in her life, shepeople and events something apart from herself, saw clearly that Scarlett O’Hara,frigh(saw) tenedandhelpless,was(as) not all that mattered. There were thousands of women like her, allover the South, who were frightened and helpless. And thousands of men, who had laid down theirarms at Appomattox, had taken them up again and stood ready to risk their necks on a minute’snotice to protect those women.
There had been something in Tony’s face which had been mirrored in Frank’s, an expression shehad seen recently on the faces of other men in Atlanta, a look she had noticed but had not troubledto analyze. It was an expression vastly different from the tired helplessness she had seen in thefaces of men coming home from the war after the surrender. Those men had not cared aboutanything except getting home. Now they were caring about something again, numbed nerves werecoming back to life and the old spirit was beginning to burn. They were caring again with a coldruthless bitterness. And, like Tony, they were thinking: “It isn’t to be borne!”
She had seen Southern men, soft voiced and dangerous in the days before the war, reckless andhard in the last despairing days of the fighting. But in the faces of the two men who stared at cheap ghd straighteners £50 eachother across the candle flame so short a while ago there had been something that was different,something that heartened her but frightened her—fury which could find no words, determinationwhich would stop at nothing.
For the first time, she felt a kinship with the people about her, felt one with them in their fears,their bitterness, their determination. No cheap ghd air , it wasn’t to be borne! The South was too beautiful a placeto be let go without a struggle, too loved to be trampled by Yankees who hated Southerners enoughto enjoy grinding them into the dirt, too dear a homeland to be turned over to ignorant negroesdrunk with whisky and freedom.
As she thought of Tony’s sudden entrance and swift exit, she felt herself akin to him, for sheremembered the old story how her father had left Ireland, left hastily and by night, after a murderwhich was no murder to him or to his family. Gerald’s blood was in her, violent blood. Sheremembered her hot joy in shooting the marauding Yankee. Violent blood was in them all,perilously close to the surface, lurking just beneath the kindly courteous cheap ghd flat iron exteriors. All of them, allthe men she knew, even the drowsy-eyed Ashley and fidgety old Frank, were like that underneath—murderous, violent if the need arose. Even Rhett, conscienceless scamp that he was, had killed anegro for being “uppity to a lady.”
“Oh, Frank, how long will it be like this?” she leaped to her feet.
“As long as t

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