run.shtm and he wanted us to go upstairs and

The place was dark and as hazy as a battlefield from the cigarette smoke. Neon signs for Pabst Blue Ribbon and Old Milwaukee glowed on the walls. Gaunt men with creased cheeks and women with dark red lipstick sat along the bar. A cou nike air max 1 ple of guys wearing steel-toed boots played pool.
Dad and I took seats at the bar. Dad ordered Buds for himself and me, even though I told him Iwanteda Sprite. After a cheap nike air max while, he got up to play pool, and no sooner had he left his stool than a man came over and sat on it. He had a black mustache that curved around the sides of his mouth and coal grime under his fingernails. He poured salt in his beer, which Dad said some guys did because they liked cheap nike air max trainers to make extra foam.
„Name’s Robbie,“ he said. „That your man there?“ He gestured toward Dad.
„I’m his daughter,“ I said.
He took a lick of foam and started asking me about myself, leaning in close as he talked. „How old are you, girl?““How old do you think?“ I asked.
„About seventeen.“I smiled, putting my hand over my teeth.
„Know how to dance?“ he asked. I nike air max 90 shook my head. „Sure you do,“ he said and pulled me off the stool. I looked over at Dad, who grinned and waved.
On the jukebox, Kitty Wells was singing about married men and honky-tonk angels. Robbie held me close, with his hand on the sm nike air max classic all of my back. We danced to a second song, and when we sat down again on the stools facing the pool table, our backs against the bar, he slid his arm behind me. That arm made me tense but not entirely unha Nike Free Run Homme Pas Cher ppy. No one had flirted with me since Billy Deel, unless you counted Kenny Hall.
Still, I knew what Robbie was after. I was going to tell him I wasn’t that sort of girl, but then I thought he would say cheap nike air max I was getting ahead of myself. After all, the only thing he’d done was dance me slow and put his arm around me. I caught Dad’s eye. I expected him to come barreling across th run.shtm e room and whock Robbie with a pool cue for getting fresh with his daughter. Instead, he hollered to Robbie, „Do something worthwhile with those damned hands of yours. Get over here and play me a game of pool.“They ordered whiskeys and chalked their cues. Dad held back at first and lost some money to Robbie, then started upping the stakes and beating him. After every game, Robbie wanted to dance with me again. It went on Nike Free Run that way for a couple of hours, with Robbie getting sloppy drunk, losing to Dad, and groping me when we danced or sat at the bar between games. All Dad said to me was. „Keep your legs crossed, honey, and keep ’em crossed tight. nike air max sale „After Dad had taken him for about eighty bucks, Robbie started muttering angrily to himself. He snapped down the cue chalk, sending up a puff of blue powder, and missed a f nike air max 95 inal shot. He flung his cue on the table and announced he’d had enough, then sat down next to me. His eyes were bleary. He kept saying he couldn’t believe that old fart had beat him out of eighty bucks, as if he couldn’t decide whether he was pissed off or impressed.
Then he told m nike air max 90 sale e he lived in an apartment over the bar. He had a Roy Acuff record that wasn’t on the jukeb nike air max ox, and he wanted us to go upstairs and

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