bathroom during lunch

When the electricity was on, we ate a lot of beans. A big cheap nike air max bag of pinto beans cost under a dollar and would feed us for days. They tasted especially good if you added a spoonful of mayonnaise. We also ate a lot of rice mixed with jack mackerel, which Mom said wa cheap air max 90 s excellent brain food. Jack mackerel was not as good as tuna but was better than cat food, whichwe atenike air max 95 from time to time when things got really tight. Sometimes Mom popped up a big batch of popcorn for dinner. It had lots of fiber, she pointed out, and she had us salt it heavily because the iodine would keep us from getting goiters. „I don’t want my kids looking like pelicans,“ she said.
Once, when an extra-big royalty check came in, Mom bought us a whole canned ham. We ate off it cheap nike air max 90 for days, cutting thick slices for sandwiches. Since we had no refrigerator, we left the ham on a kitchen shelf. After it had been there for about a week, I went to saw myself a slab a cheap nike air max t dinnertime and found it crawling with little white worms.
Mom was sitting on the sofa bed, eating the piece she’d cut. „Mom, that ham’s full of maggots,“ I said.
„Don’t be so picky,“ she told me. „Just slice off the maggoty parts. The inside’s fine.“* * * Brian and I became expert foragers. We picked crab apples and wild blackberries and pawpaws during the summer and fall, and we swiped ears of corn from Old Man Wilson’s farm. The corn was tough桹ld Man Wilson grew it as feed for his cattle梑ut if you chewed it enough, you could get it down. Once we caught a wounded blackbird by throwing a blanket over it and figured we could make a blackbird pie, like in the nursery rhyme. But we couldn’t bring ourselves to kill the bird, and anyway, it looked too scrawny to eat.
We’d heard of a dish called poke salad, and since a big patch of pokeweed grew nike air max 1 behind our house, Brian and I thought we’d give it a try. If it was any good, we’d have a whole new supply of food. We first tried eating the pokeweed raw, but it was awfully bitter, so we boiled it梥inging. „Poke Salad Annie“ in anticipation梑ut it still tasted sour and stringy nike air max sale , and our tongues itched for days afterward.
One day, hunting for food, we climbed through the window of an abandoned house. The rooms w nike air max 90 sale ere tiny, and it had dirt floors, but in the kitchen we found shelves lined with rows of canned food.
„Bo-nanza!“ Brian cried out.
„Feast time!“ I said.
The cans were coated with dust and starting to rust, but we figured the food was still safe to eat, since the whole point of nike air max classic canning was to preserve. I passed a can of tomatoes to Brian, who took out his pocketknife. When he punctured the tin, the contents exploded in his face, covering us with a fizzy brown juice. We tried a few more, but they exploded, too, and we walked home without having eaten anything, our shirts and faces stained with rotten tomatoes.
* * *When I started sixth grade, the other kids made fun of Brian and me because we nike air max 90 were so skinny. They called me spider legs, skeleton girl, pipe cleaner, two-by-four, bony butt, stick woman, bean pole, and cheap nike air max trainers giraffe, and they said I could stay dry in the rain by standing nike air max under a telephone wire.
At lunchtime, when other kids unwrapped their sandwiches or bought their hot meals, Brian and I would get out books and read. Brian told everyone he had to keep his weight down because he wanted to join the wrestling team when he got to high school. I told people that I had forgotten to bring my lunch. No one believed me, so I started hiding in the bathroom during lunch

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