cited the example of one of their

oyed to be put at large; she gave not a moment’s thought to the cruel events which had broken her chains. As for Justine, aged as we have remarked, twelve, hers was of a pensive and melancholy character, which made her far more keenly appreciate all the horrors of her situation. Full of tenderness, endowed with a surprising sensibility instead of with her sister’s artandfinesse, she was ruled by an ingenuousness, a candor that were to cause her to tumble into not a few pitfalls. To so many qualities this girl joined a sweet countenance, absolutely unlike that with which Nature had embellished Juliette; for all the artifice, wi nike air max les, coquetry one noticed in the features of the one, there were proportionate amounts of modesty, dece nike air max classic ncy, and timi nike air max 1 dity to be admired in the other; a virginal air, large blue eyes very soulful and appealing, a dazzling fair skin, a supple and resilient body, a touching voice, teeth of ivory and the loveliest blond hair, there you have a sketch of this charming creature whose naive graces and delicate traits are beyond our power to describe.
They were given twenty-four hours to leave the convent; into their hands, together with their five score crowns, was thrown the responsibility to provide for themselves as cheap nike air max 90 they saw fit. Delighted to be her own mistress, Juliette spent a minute, perhaps two, wiping away Justine’s tears, then, observing it was in va nike air max 90 in, she fell to scolding instead of comforting her; she rebu nike air max 95 ked Justine for her sensitiveness; she told her, with a philosophic acuity far beyond her years, that in cheap nike air max trainers this world one must not be afflicted save by what affects one personally; that it was possible to f nike air max sale ind in oneself physical sensations of a sufficiently voluptuous piquancy to extinguish all the moral affections whose shock could be painful; that it was all the more essential so to proceed, since nike air max 90 sale true wisdom consists infinitely more in doubling the sum of one’s pleasures than in increasing the sum of one’s pains; that, in a word, there was nothing one ought not do in order to deaden in oneself that perfidious sensibility from which none but others profit while to us it brings naught but troubles. But it is difficult to harden a gentle good heart, it resists the arguments of a toughened bad mind, and its solem cheap air max 90 n satisfactions console it for the loss of the bel-esprit’s false splendors.
Chapter 2
Juliette, employing cheap nike air max other resources, then said to her sister, that with the age and the figure they both of them had, the cheap nike air max y could not die of hunger she cited the example of one of their neighbors’ daughters w

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