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estu nike air max classic ary which makes the mouthof the River Paria.
He would gladly have spent more time in exploring this region; but thesea-stores of his vessel were exhausted, he was suffering from a difficultywith his eyes, caused by overwatching, and was also a cripple from gout.
He resisted the temptation, therefore, to make further ex cheap nike air max trainers plorations on thecoastofParia, and passed westward and northwestward. He made manydiscoveries of islands in the Caribbean Sea as he went northwest, and hearrived at the colony of San Domingo, on the thirtieth of August. He hadhoped for rest after his difficult voyage; but he found the island inconfusion which s nike air max 90 sale eemed hopeless.
His brother Bartholomew, from all the accounts we have, would seemto have administered its affairs with justice and decision; but the problemhe had in hand was one which coul cheap nike air max d not be solved so as to satisfy all thecritics. Close around him he had a body of adventurers, almost all ofwhom were nothing but adventurers. With the help of these adventurers,he had to repress Indian hostilities, and to keep in order the natives whohad been insulted and injured in every conceivable way by the settler cheap air max 90 s.
He was expected to send home gold to Spain with every vessel; heknew perfectly well that Spain was clamoring with indignation because hedid not succeed in doing so. But on the island itself he had to meet, from day to day, conspiracies of Spaniards and what are called insurrec nike air max sale tions ofnatives. These insurrections consisted simply in their assertion of suchrights as they had to the beautiful land which the Spaniards were takingaway from them.
At the moment when Columbus landed, there was an instan nike air max 1 t oftranquility. But the natives, whom he remembered only six years ago as sohappy and cheerful and hospitable, had fled as far as they could. Theyshowed in every way their distrust of those who were trying to becometheir masters. On the other hand, soldiers and emigrants were eager toleave the island if they could. Th ey were near starvation, or if they did notstarve they were using food to which they were not accustomed. Theeagerness with which, in 1493, men had wished to rush to this land ofpromise, was succeeded by an equal eagerness, in 1498, to go home fromit.
As soon as he arrived, Columbus issued a proclamation, approving ofthe measures of his brother in his absence, and denouncing the rebels cheap nike air max 90 withwhom Bartholomew had been contending. He found the difficulties whichsurrounded him were of the most serious character. He had not forceenough to take up arms against the rebels of different names. He offeredpardon to them in the name of the sovereigns, and that they refused.
Columbus was obliged, in order to maintain any show of authority, topropose to the sovereigns that they should arbitrate between his brotherand Roldan, w nike air max ho was the chief of the rebel party. He called to the minds ofFerdinand and Isabella his own eager desire to return to San Domingosooner, and ascribed the difficulties which had arisen, in large measure, tohis long delay. He said he should send home the more worthless men byevery ship.
He asked that preachers might be sent out to convert the Indians and toreform the dissolute Spaniards. He asked for officers of revenue, and for alearned judge. He begged at the same time that, for two years longer, thecolo cheap nike air max ny might be permitted to employ the Indians as slaves, but hepromised they would only use s nike air max 95 uch as they captured in war andinsurrections.
By the same vessel the rebels sent out letters charging Columbus and his brother with the grossest oppression and injustice. All these letterscame to court by one messenger. Co nike air max 90 lumbus was then left to manage asbest he could, in the months which must pass, before he could receive ananswer.
He was not wholly without success. That is to say, no actual battles

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