other thing. As people jolted out of reality

is was adeath made in the laboratory, defined and measurable, but we thought of it at the time in a simple and primitive way,as some seasonal perversity of the earth like a flood or tornado, something not subject to control. Our helplessnessdid not seem compatible with the idea of a man-made event.
In nike air max the back seat t cheap nike air max trainers he kids fought for possession of thebinoculars.The whole thing was amazing. They seemed to be spotlighting the cloud for us as if it were part of a sound-and-lightshow, a bit of mood-setting mist drifting across a high battlement where a king had been slain. But this was nothistory we were witnessing. It was some secr nike air max 1 et festering thing, some dreamed emotion that accompanies the dreamerout of sleep. Flares came swooning from the helicopters, creamy bursts of red and white light. Drivers sounded theirhorns and children crowded all the windows, faces tilted, pink hands pressed against the glass.
The road curved away from the toxic cloud and traffic moved more freely for a while. At an intersection near the BoyScout camp, two schoolbuses entered the mainstream traffic, both carrying the insane of Blacksmith. We recogn nike air max 95 izedthe drivers, spotted familiar faces in the windows, people we customarily saw sitting on lawn chairs behind theasylum’s sparse hedges or walking in ever narrowing circl cheap nike air max 90 es, with ever increasing speed, like spinning masses in agyration device. We felt an odd affection for them and a sense of relief that they were being lo oked after in a diligentand professional manner. It seemed to mean the structure was intact.
We passed a sign for the most photographed barn in America.
It took an hour to funnel traffic into the single-lane nike air max 90 sale approach to the camp. Mylex-suited men waved flashlights andset out Day-Glo pylons, directing us toward the parking lot and onto athletic fields and other open areas. People cameout of the woods, some wearing headlamps, some carrying shopping bags, children, pets. We bumped along dirtpaths, over ruts and mounds. Near the main buildings we saw a group of men and women carrying clipboards andwalkie-talkies, non-Mylex-suited officials, experts in the new science of evacuation. Steffie joined Wilder in fitfulsleep. The rain let up. People turned off their headlights, sat uncertainly in their cars. The long strange jou cheap nike air max rney wasover. We waited for a sense of satisfaction to reach us, some mood in the air of quiet accomplishment, thewell-earned fatigue that promises a still and deep- cheap air max 90 lying sleep. But people sat in their dark cars staring out at eachother through closed windows. Heinrich ate a candy bar. We listened to the sound of his teeth getting stuck in thecaramel and glucose mass. Finally a family of five got out of a Datsun Maxima. They wore life jackets and carriedflares.
Small crowds collected around certain men. Here were the sources of information and rumor. One person worked ina chemical plant, another had overheard a nike air max classic remark, a third was related to a clerk in a state agency. True, false andother kinds of news radiated through the nike air max sale dormitory from these dense clusters.
It was said that we would be allowed to go home first th cheap nike air max ing in the morning; that the government was engaged in acover-up; that a helicopter had entered the toxic cloud and never reappeared; that the dogs had arrived from NewMexico, parachuting into a meadow in a daring night drop; that the town of Farmington would be uninhabitable forforty years.
Remarks existed in a state nike air max 90 of permanent flotation. No one thing was either more or less plausible than any other thing.
As people jolted out of reality, we were released from the need to distinguish.
Some familie

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