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g something heroic, Murray?““Do you feel heroic?““No.“‘Then you probably aren’t.““But isn’t repression unnatural?““Fear is unnatural. Lightning and thunder are unnatural. Pain, death, reality, these are all unnatural. We can’t bearthese things as they are. We know too much. So we resort to repression, compromise and disguise. This is how wesurvive in the universe. This is the natural languageof thespecies.“I looked at him carefully.
„I exercise. I take care of my body.““No, you don’t,“ he said.
He helped an old man read the date on a loaf of raisin bread. Children sailed by in silver carts.
„Tegrin, Denorex, Selsun Blue.“Murray wrote somet nike air max sale hing in his little book. I watc nike air max 1 hed him step deftly aroun nike air max 95 d a dozen fallen eggs oozing yolky matterfrom a busted carton.
„Why do I feel so good when I’m with Wilder? It’s not like being with the other cheap nike air max kids,“ I said.
„You sense his total ego, his freedom from limits.““In what way is he free from limits?““He doesn’t know he’s going to die. He doesn’t know death at all. You cherish this simpleton blessing of his, thisexemption from harm. You want to get close to him, touch him, look a nike air max t him, breathe him in. How lucky he is. Acloud of unknowing, an omnipotent little person. The child is everything, the adult nothing. Think about it. Aperson’s entire life is the unraveling of this conflict. No wonder we’re bewildered, staggered, shattered.““Aren’t you going too far?““I’m from New York.““We create beautiful and lasting thi cheap nike air max 90 ngs, build vast civilizations.““G nike air max 90 sale orgeous evasions,“ he said. nike air max 90 „Great escapes.“The doors part cheap nike air max trainers ed photoelectronically. We went outside, walking past the dry cleaner, the hairstylist, the optician.
Murray relighted his pipe, sucking impressively at the mouthpiece.
„We have talked about ways to get around death,“ he said. „We have discussed how you’ve already tried two suchways, each cancelling the ot her. We have mentioned technology, train wrecks, belief in an afterlife. There are othermethods as well and I would like to talk about one such approach.“We crossed the street.
„I believe, Jack, there are two kinds of people in the world. Killers and diers. Most of us are diers. We don’t have thedisposition, the rage or whatever it takes to be a killer. We let death happen. We lie down and die. But t cheap air max 90 hink what it’slike to be a killer. Think how exciting it cheap nike air max is, in theory, to kill a per nike air max classic son in direct confrontation. If he dies, you cannot.
To kill him is to gain life-credit. The more people you kill, the more credit you store up.

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