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till the sovereigns could make such an investigation asthey wished. The hope, therefore, of some help from home was whollydisappointed.
Roldan, the chief of the rebels, was encouraged by this news to takehigher ground than even he had ventured on before. He now proposed t nike free run plus hathe should send fifteen of his company to Spain, also that those whoremained should not only be pardoned,butshould have lands grantedthem; third, that a public proclamation should be made that all chargesagainst him had been false; and fourth, that he should hold the office ofchief ju nike free run dge, which he had held before the reb nike free 3.0 sale ellion.
Columbus was obliged to accede to terms as insolent as these, and therebels even added a stipulation, that if he should fail in fulfilling e nike free trainers uk ither ofthese articles, they might compel him to comply, by force or any othermeans. Thus was he hampered in the very position where, by the king’sorders, and indeed, one would say, by the right of discovery, he was thesupreme master.
For himself, he determ cheap nike free run ined to return with Bartholomew to Spain, andhe made some preparations to do so. But at this time he learned, from thewestern part of the island, that four strange ships had arrived there. Hecould not feel that it was safe to leave the colony in such a condition oflatent rebellion as he knew it to be in; he wrote again to the sovereigns,and said directly that his capitulation with the rebels had been extorted byforce, and that he did not consider that the sovereigns, or that he himself,were bound by it. He pressed some of the requests which he had madebefore, and asked that his son Diego, who was no longer a boy, might be sent out to him.
It proved that the ships which had arrived at the we nike free running shoes st of the islandwere under the command of Ojeda, who will be remembered as a boldcavalier in the adventures of the second voy nike free run 2 review age. Acting under a generalpermission which had been given for private adventurers, Ojeda hadbrought out this squadron, and, when Columbus communicated with him,was engaged in cutting dye-woods and shipping slaves.
Columbus sent Roldan, who had been the head of the rebels, to inquireon what ground he was there. Ojeda produced a license signed by Fonseca,authorizing him to nike free sail on a voyage of discovery. It proved thatColumbus’s letters describing the pearls of Paria had awakened curiosityand enthusiasm, and, while the crown had passed them by so coldly, Ojedaand a body of adventurers had obtained a license and had fitted out fourships for adventure. The special interest of this voyage for us, is that it issupposed that Vespucci, a Florentine merchant, made at this time his firstexpedition to America.
Vespucci was cheap nike free run 2 not a professional seaman, but he was interested ingeography, and had made many voyages before this time. So soon as itwas announced that nike free 5.0 v4 Ojeda was on the coast, the rebels of San Domingoselected him as a new leader. He announced to Columbus, rather coolly,that he could probably redress the grievances which these men had. Heundoubtedly knew that he had the protection of Fonseca at home.
Fortunately for Columbus, Roldan did not mean to give up his place as“leader of the opposition;“ and it may be said that the difficulty betweenthe two was a certain advantage to Columbus in maintaining his authority.
Meanwhile, all wishes on his part to cont nike free review inue his discoveries werefutile, while he was engaged in the almost hopeless duty of reconcilingvarious adventurers and conciliating people who had no interests but theirown nike free 3.0 review . In Spain, his enemies were doing everything in their power toundermine his reputation. His statements were read more and more coldly,and at last, on the twenty-first and twenty-sixth of May, 1499, letters werewritten to him instructing him to deliver into the

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