liked to hang around outside

d than I had been when I saw him sitting in the yard, deathly still. I watchedher face fill to the brim with numb wonder.
„Did we know you nike free run 2 review were coming?“ she said. „Why didn’t you call? You never call.““Here I am. Big deal. Toot the horn.“She remained bent at the knees, trying to absorb his raw presence, the wiry body and drawn look. What an epic forcehe must have seemedtoher, taking shape in her kitchen this way, a parent, a father with all the grist of years on him,the whole dense history of associations and connections, come to remind her who she was, to remove her disguise,grab hold of he nike free running shoes r maundering l nike free run plus ife for a time, without warning.
„I could have had things ready. You look awful. Where will you sleep?““Wher nike free 3.0 review e did I sleep last time?“They both lo nike free run oked at me, trying to remember.
As we fixed and ate breakfast, as the kids came down and warily approached Vernon for kisses and hair-mussings, asthe hours passed and Babette became accustomed to the sight of the ambling figure in patched jeans, I began tonotice the pleasure she took in hovering nearby, doing little things for him, being there to listen. A delight containedin routine gestures and automatic rhythms. At times she had to remind Vernon which foods were his favorites, howhe liked them cooked and seasoned, which jokes he told best, which figures from the past were the plain fools, whichthe comic heroes. Gleanings from another life poured out of her. The cade nike free trainers uk nces of her speech changed, took on a ruraltang. The words changed, the references. This was cheap nike free run a girl who’d helped her father sand and finish old oak, heave nike free 5.0 v4 radiators up from the floorboards. His carpenter years, his fling with motorcycles, his biceps tattoo.
„You’re getting string-beany, daddy nike free . Finish those potatoes. There’s more on the stove.“And Vernon would say to me, „Her mother made the worst french fries you could ever hope to eat. Like french friesin a state park.“ And then he’d turn to her and say, „Jack knows the problem I have with state parks. They don’t movethe heart.“We moved Heinrich down to the sofa and gave Vernon his room. It was unnerving to find him in the kitchen at sevenin the morning, at six, at whatever grayish hour Babette or I went down to make coffee. He gave the impression hewas inten cheap nike free run 2 t nike free review on outfoxing us, working on our guilt, showing us that no matter how little sleep we got, he got less.
„Tell you what, Jack. You get old, you find out you’re ready for something but you don’t know what it is. You’realways getting prepared. You’re combing your hair, standing by the window looking out. I feel like there’s some littlefussy person whisking around me all the time. That’s why I jumped in the car and drove headlong all this way.““To break the spell,“ I said. „To get away from routine things. Routine things can be deadly, Vern, carried toextremes. I have a friend who says that’s why people take vacations. Not to relax or find excitement or see new places.
To escape the death that exists in nike free 3.0 sale routine things.““What is he, a Jew?““What’s that got to do with it?““Your roof gutter’s sagging,“ he told me. “ You know how to fix that, don’t you?“Vernon liked to hang around outside the house, waiting for

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