Columbus was greatly encouraged by

The jour cheap air max 1 nal now recurs to more earthly affairs. Passing out from the mouth of the „Dragon,“ he found the sea running westward and the windgentle. He notices that the waters are swept westward as the trade windsare. In nike air max 1 grey this way he accounts for there being so many islands in that part ofthe earth, the mainl nike air max 1 and having been eaten away by theconstantflow of thewaves. He thinks their very shape indicates this, they nike air max 1 ebay being narrow fromnorth to south and longer from east to west. Although some of the islandsdiffer in this, special reasons maybe given for the difference. He brings inmany of the old authorities to show, what we now know to be entirelyfalse, that there is much more land than water on the surface of the globe.
All this curious speculation as to the make-up of the world encourageshim to beg their Highnesses to go on with t cheap nike air max 1 he noble work which they havebegun. He explains to them nike air max 1 black that he plants the cross on every cape andproclaims the sovereignty of their Majesties and of the Christian religion.
He prays that this may c ontinue. The only objection to it is the expense,but Columbus begs their Highnesses to remember how much more moneyis spent for the mere formalities of the elegancies of the court. He begsthem to consider the c nike air max 1 premium redit attaching to plans of discovery and quickenstheir ambition by reference to the efforts of the princes of Portugal.
This letter closes by the expression of his determination to go on withhis three sh cheap nike air max 1 ips for further discoveries.
This letter was written from San Domingo on the eighth of October.
He had already made the great discovery of the mainland of SouthAmerica, though he did not yet know that he had to cheap air max 1 uched the continent.
He had intentionally gone farther south than before, and had thereforestruck the island of Trinidad, to which, as he had promised, he gave thename which it still bears. A sailor first saw the summits of three mountains,and gave the cry of land. As the ships approached, it was seen that thesethree mountains were united at the base. Columbus was delighted by theomen, as he regarded it, which thus connected his discovery with the vowwhich he had made on Trinity Sunday.
As the reader has seen, he first passed between this great island andthe mainland. The open gulf there described is now known nike air max 1 sale as the Gulf ofParia. The observation which he made as to the freshness o nike air max 1 leopard f the watercaused by the flow of the Orinoco, has been made by all navigators since.
It may be said that he was then really in the mouth nike air max 1 red of the Orinoco.
Young readers, at least, will be specially interested to remember that itwas in this region that Robinson Crusoe’s island was placed by Defoe; andif they will carefully read his life they will find discussions there of theflow of the „great River Orinoco.“ Crossing this gulf, Columbus hadtouched upon the coast of Paria, and thus became the first discoverer ofSouth America. It is determined, by careful geographers, that thediscovery of the continent of North America, had been made before thistime by the Cabots, sailing under the orders of England.
Columbus was greatly encouraged by

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