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ot good? It seems to me that, for sensitive spirits, the only val id motives for loving that Supreme Being must be those gratitude i cheap nike air max 1 nspires. Is it not a favor thus to have caused us to enjoy the beauties of this Universe ? and do we not owe Him some gratitude in retur nike air max 1 sale n for such a blessing? But a yet stronger reason establishes,confirmsthe universal chain of our duties; why should we refuse to fulfill those required by His decrees, since they are the very same which consolidate our happiness amongst mortals? Is it not sweet to feel that one renders nike air max 1 oneself worthy of the Supreme Being si cheap air max 1 mply by practicing those virtues which must bring about our contentment on earth, nike air max 1 grey and that the means which render us worthy to live amongst our brethren are the identical ones which give us the assurance of a cheap nike air max 1 rebirth, in the life still to come, close by the throne of God! Ah, Rosalie! how blind are they who would strive to ravish away this our hope! Mistaken, benighted, seduced by their wretched passions, they prefer to deny eternal verities rather than abandon what may render them deserving of them. They would rather say, ‘These people deceive us,’ than admit they deceive themselves; the lingering thought of what they are preparing themselves to lose troubles them in their low riot and sport; it seems to them less dreadful to annihilate hope of Heaven, than to be deprived of what would acquire it for them! But when those tyrannical passions finally weaken and fade in cheap air max 1 them, when the veil is torn nike air max 1 premium away, when there is no longer anything l nike air max 1 leopard eft in their disease-eaten hearts to counter the imperious voice of that God their delirium disregardingly misprized, Oh Rosalie! what must it be, this cruel awakening I and how much its accompanying remorse must inflate the price to be paid for the instant’s error that blinded them I Such is the condition wherein man has got to be in order to construe his proper conduct: ’tis neither when in drunkenness, nor when in the transport produced by a burning fever, he ought to be believed or his sayings marked, but when his reason is calmed and enjoys its full lucid energy he must seek after the truth, ’tis then he divines and sees it. ‘Tis then with all our being we yearn after that Sacred One of Whom we were once so neglectful; we implore Him, He becomes our whole solace; we pray nike air max 1 ebay to Him, He hears our entreaties. Ah, why then should I deny Him, why should I be unheeding of this Object so necessary to happiness? Why should I prefer to say with the misguided man, There is no God, while the heart of the reasoning part of human- kind every instant offers me proofs of this Divine Being’s existence? Is it then better to dream amongst the nike air max 1 black mad than rightly to think with the wise? All derives nevertheless from this initial principle: immediately there exists a God, this God deserves to be worshiped, and the primary basis of this worship indisputably is Virtue.“
Chapter 21
From these elementary truths I easily deduced the others and the deistic Rosalie was soon made a Christian. But by what means, I repeat, could I join a little practice to the morality? Rosalie, bound to obey her father, could at th nike air max 1 red e very most do no mo

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