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s to say, he waited until the end of my second year with him, and waited without showing the least hint of resentment at the refusal I had given him, when one evening, having just retired to my nike air max 1 premium room to taste a few hours of repose, I suddenly heard my door burst opens and there, not without terror, I saw Monsieur du Harpin and four soldiers of the watch standing by my bed. „Performyourduty, Sirrah,“ said he to the men of the law, „this wretch has st cheap air max 1 olen from me a diamond worth a thousand crowns, you will find it in her chamber or upon her person, the fact is certain.“
„I have robbed you, Monsieur!“ said I, sore troubled and springing from my bed, „I! Great Heaven! Who knows better than you the contrary to be true! Who should be more deeply aware than you to what point I loathe robbery and to what degree it is unthinkable I could have committed it.“ But du Harpin made a great uproar to drown out my words; he continued to order perquisitions, and the miserable ring was discovered in my mattress. To evidence of this strength there was nothing to reply; I was seized instantly, pinioned, and led to prison without being able to prevail upon the authorities to listen to one word in my favor.
The trial of an unfortuna nike air max 1 grey te creature who has neither influence nor protecti nike air max 1 ebay on is conducted with dispatch in a land where virtue is thought incompatible with misery, where poverty is enough to c onvict the accused; there, an unjust prepossession causes it to be supposed that he who ought to have committed a crime did indeed commit it; sentiments are proportioned according to the guilty one’s estate; and when once gold or titles are nike air max 1 wanting to establish his innocence, the impossibility that he be innocent then appears self-evident.
( o ages yet to come ! You shall no longer be witness to these horrors and infamies abounding!)
I defended myself, it did no good, in vain I furnished the best material to the lawyer whom a protocol of form required be given me for an instant or two; my employer accused me, the diamond had been discovered in my room; it was plain I had stolen it. When I wished to nike air max 1 sale describe Monsieur du Harpin’s awful traffic and prove that the misfortune that had struck me was naught but the fruit of his vengeance and the consequence of his eagerness to be rid of a creature who, through possession of his secret, had become his master, these pleadings were interpreted as so many recriminations, and I was informed that for twenty yea nike air max 1 leopard rs M nike air max 1 black onsieur du Harpin had been known as a man of integrity, incapable of such a horror. I was transferred to the Conciergerie, where I saw myself upon the brink of having to pay with my life for having refused to participate in a crime; I was shortly to perish; only a new misdeed could save me: Providence willed that Crime serve at least once as an aegis unto Virtue, that crime might preserve it from the abyss which is some-day going to engulf judges together cheap nike air max 1 wit cheap air max 1 h their imbecility.
I had about me a woman, probably forty years old, as celebrated for her beauty as for the variety and number of her villainies; she was called Dubois and, like the unlucky Therese, was on the eve of paying the capital penalty, but as to the exact form of it the judges were yet mightily perplexed: having rendered herself guilty of every imagin cheap nike air max 1 able crime, they found themselves virtually obliged to invent a new torture for her, or to expose her to one whence we ordinarily exempt our sex. This woman had become interested in me, criminally interested without doubt, since the basis of her feelings, as I learned afterward, was her extreme desire to make a proselyte of me.
Only two days from the nike air max 1 red time set for our

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