unlight bouncing off theglass

„I’m talking theory. In theory, violence is a form of rebirth. The dier passively succumbs. The killer lives on. What amarve cheap nike air max 1 lous equation. As a marauding band amasses dead bodies, it gathers strength. Strength accumulates like afavor from the gods.““What does this have to do with me nike air max 1 premium ?““This is theory. We’re a couple of academics taking a walk. Butimaginethe nike air max 1 red visceral jolt, seeing your opponentbleeding in the dust.““You think it adds to a person’s store of credit, like a bank transaction.““Nothingness is staring you in the face. Utter and permanent oblivion. You will cease to be. To be, Jack. The dieraccepts this and dies. The killer, in theory, attempts to defeat his own death by killing others. He buys time, he buyslife. Watch others squirm. See the blood trickle in the dust.“I looked at him, amazed. He drew contentedly on his pipe, making hollow sounds.
„It’s cheap air max 1 a way of controlling death. A way of gaining the ultimate upper hand. Be the killer for a change. Let someoneelse be the dier. Let him replace you, theoretically, in that role. You can’t die if he does. He dies, you live. See howmarvel cheap air max 1 ously simple.““You say this is what people have been doing for centuries.“‘T nike air max 1 sale hey’re still doing it. They do it on a small intimate scale, they do it in groups and crowds and masses. Kill to live.““Sounds pretty awful.“He seemed to shrug. „Slaughter is never random. The more people you kill, the more power you gain over your owndeath. There is a secret precision at work in the most savage and indiscriminate killings. To speak about thi s is not todo public relations for murder. We’re two academics in an intellectual environment. It’s our duty to examine currentsof thought, investigate the meaning of human behavior. But think how exciting, to come out a winner in a deathlystruggle, to watch the bastard bleed.““Plot a murder, you’re saying. But every plot is a murder in effect. To plot is to die, whether we know it or not.“‘To plot is to live,“ he said.
I looked at him. I studied his face, hi cheap nike air max 1 s hands.
„We start our lives in chaos, in babble. nike air max 1 As we surge up into the world, we try to devise a shape, a plan. There isdignity in this. Your whole li nike air max 1 ebay fe is a plot, a scheme, a diagram. It is a failed scheme but that’s not the point. To plot isto affirm life, to seek shape and control. Even after death, most particularly after death, the search continues. Burialrites are an attempt to complete the scheme, in ritual. Picture a state funeral, Jack. It is all precision, detail, order,design. The nation holds its breath. The efforts of a huge nike air max 1 leopard and powerful government are brought to bear on aceremony that will shed the last trace of chaos. If all goes well, if they bring it off, some natural law of perfection isobeyed. The nation is delivered f nike air max 1 grey rom anxiety, the deceased’s life is redeemed, life itself is strengthened, reaffirmed.““Are you sure?“ I said.
„To plot, to take aim at something, to shape time and space. This is how we advance the art of human consciousness.“We moved in a wide arc back toward campus. Streets in deep and soundless shade, garbage bags set out forcoll nike air max 1 black ection. We crossed the sunset overpass, pausing briefly to watch the cars shoot by. Sunlight bouncing off theglass and chrome.

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