then suddenly reached over and

ork City. „In exactly three months,“ I said to her, „you’ll be living in New York.“ The following week, I said. „In exactly two months and three weeks, you’ll be living in New York.““Wo nike air max 1 red uld you please shut up,“ she said.
„You’re not nervous, are you?“ I asked.
„What do you think?“Lori was terrified. She was not sure what she was supposed to do once she got toNew York. Thathad always been the vaguest part of our escape plan. Back in the fall, I’d had no doubt nike air max 1 grey that she could get a scholarship to one of the city’s universities. She’d been a finalist for a National Merit Scholarship, but she’d had to hitchhike into Blu nike air max 1 efield to take the test, and she got rattled when the trucker who picked her up put the moves on her; she arrived nearly an hour late and botched the test.
Mom, who supported Lori’s New York plans and kept saying she wished she were going to the big city herself, suggested that Lori apply to the Cooper Union art school. Lori put together a portfolio of her drawings and paintings cheap nike air max 1/90 premium/fb/black/nd/og/black smoke/leopard/premium black , but just before the submissions deadline, she spilled nike air max 1 black a pot of coffee on them, which made Mom wonder aloud if Lori had a fear of success.
Then Lo nike air max 1 premium ri heard about a scholarship sponsored by a literary society for the student who created the best work of art inspired by one of the cheap air max 1 geniuses of the English language. She decided to make a clay bust of Shakespeare. She worked on it for a week, using a sharpened Popsicle stick to shape the slightly bulging eyes and the goatee and earring and longish hair. When it was finished, it looked exactly like Shakespea nike air max 1 leopard re.
That night we were all sitting at the drafting table watching Lori put the final touches on Shakespeare’s hair when Dad came home drunk. „That does indeed resemble old Billy,“ Dad said. „Only thing is, as I been telling you, he was a goddamn fake.“For years , every time Mom brought out Shakespeare’s plays, Dad would carry on about how they’d been written not by William nike air max 1 ebay Shakespeare of Avon but by a bunch of people, including someone named the Earl of Oxford, because no single person in Elizabethan England could have had Shakespeare’s thir cheap nike air max 1 ty-thousand-word vocabulary. All this bunk about little Billy Shakespeare, Dad would say, the great genius despite his grammar-school education, his small Latin and less Greek, was a lot of sentimental mythology.
nike air max 1 sale „You’re helping perpetuate this fraud,“ he told Lori.
„Dad, it nike air max 1 ‘s just a bust,“ Lori said.
„That’s the problem,“ Dad said.
He studied the sculpture, then suddenly reached over and smeared off Shakespeare’s mouth with his thumb.
„What the hell are you doing?“ Lori cried out.
„It’s no longer just a bust,“ Dad said. „Now it has symbolic value. You can call it Mute Bard.““I spent days on that,“ Lori shouted. „And yo

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