Alonzo Pinzon was the commander

xty-four miles cast, a quarter northeast, and thought they saw theland of the Caribs, which he was seeking. But here, at length, his authorityover his crew failed. The men were eager to go home;–did cheap ghd straighteners £50 not, perhaps,like the idea of fight with the man-eating Caribs. There was a goodwestern wind, and on the evening of the sixteenth of January Columb <a title="cheap ghd hair straighteners under £50 from usa sale“ href=““>cheap ghd hair straighteners under £50 from usa sale usgave way and they bore away for home.
C heap ghd hair straighteners uk olumbus had satisfied himself in this week that there were manyislands east of him which he had not hit upon, and that to the easternmostof these, from the Canaries, the distance would prove not more than fourhundred leagues. In this supposition he was wholly wrong, though a chainof islands does extend to the southeast.
He seems to have observed the singular regularity by which the tradewinds bore him steadily westward cheap ghd wide plate straighteners as he came over. He had no wish tovisit the Canary Islands again, and with more wisdom than could havebeen expected, from his slight knowledge of the Atlantic winds, he borenorth. Until the fourtee cheap ghd air nth of Februa ghd straighteners ry the voyage was prosperous anduneventful. One day the captive Indians amused the sailors by swimming.
There is frequent ment cheap ghds ion of the green growth of the Sargasso sea. But on the fourteenth all this c cheap ghd hair straighteners hanged. The simple journal thus describes theterrible tempest which endangered the two vessels, and seemed, at themoment, to cut off the hope of their return to Europe.
„Monday, February 14.– cheap ghd flat iron This night the wind increased still more; thewaves were terrible. Coming from two opposite directions, they crossedeach other, and stopped the progress of the vessel, which could neitherproceed nor get out from among cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery them; and as they began continually tobreak over the ship, the Admiral caused the main-sail to be lowered. Sheproceeded thus during three hours, and made twenty miles. The seabecame heavier and heavier, and the ghd outlet wind more and more violent. Seeingthe danger imminent, he allowed himself to drif cheap ghd straighteners t in whatever direction thewind took him, because he could do nothing else. Then the Pinta, of whichMartin Alonzo Pinzon was the commander, began to drift also; but shedisappeared very soon, although all through the night the Admiral madesignals with lights to her, and she answered as long as she could, till shewas prev ented, probabl

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