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t and hear women talking on the telephone. Wannerweather produces voices in the dark. They are talking about their adolescent sons. How big, how fast. The sons arealmost frightening. The quantities they eat. The way they loom in doorways. These are the days that are full ofwormy bugs. They are in the grass, stuck to the cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery siding, hanging in the air, hangingfromthe trees and eaves, stuck tothe window screens. The women talk long-distance to the grandparents of the growing boys. They share the Trimlinephon cheap ghds e, beamish old folks in hand-knit sweaters on fixed incomes.
What happens to them when the commercial ends?
I got a call myself one night. The cheap ghd hair straighteners operator said, ‘There’s a Mother Devi that wishes to talk collect to a Jack Gladney.
Do you accept?““Hello, Janet. What do you want?““Just to say hello. To ask how you are. We haven’t talked in ages.““Talked?““Swami wants to know if our son is coming to the ashram this summer.““Our son?““Yours, mine and his. Swami regards the children of his followers as his children.““I sent a daughter to Mexico last week. When she gets back, I’ll be ready to talk about the son.““S heap ghd hair straighteners uk wami says Montana will be good for the boy. He will grow out, fill out. These are cheap ghd straighteners £50 his touchy years.““Why are you calling? Seriously.““Just to greet you, Jack. We greet each other here.““Is he one of those whimsical swamis with a snow-white beard? Sort of fun to look at?““We’re serious people here. The cycle o ghd straighteners f history has but four ages. We happen to be in the last of these. There is littletime for whimsy.“ Her tiny piping voice bounced down to me from a cheap ghd straighteners hollow ball in geosynchronous orbit.
„If Heinrich wants to visit you this summer, it’s all right with me. Let him ride horse cheap ghd flat iron s, fish for trout. But í don’t wanthim getting involved in something personal and intense, like religion. There’s already been some kidnap talk aroundhere. People are edgy.““The last age is the Age of Darkness.““Fine. Now tell me what you want.““Nothing. I have everything. Peace of mind ghd outlet , purpose, true fellowship. I only wish to greet you. I greet you, Jack. Imiss you. I miss your voice. I only wish to talk a while, pass a moment or two in friendly reminiscence.“I hung up and went for a walk. The women were in their lighted homes, talking on the phone. Did swami havetwinkling eyes? Would he be able to answer the boy’s questions where I had failed, provide assurances where I had cheap ghd air incited bic cheap ghd wide plate straighteners kering and debate? How final is the Age of Darkness? Does it mean supreme destruction, a night thatswallows existence so completely that I am cured of my own lonely dying? I listened to the women talk. cheap ghd hair straighteners under £50 from usa sale All sound,all souls.

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