stars is that they have actualnuclear

f Mr. Cray lazing nak cheap ghd flat iron ed on a motelb cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery ed, an unresolved picture collapsing at the edges. We sent Denise to get more food, waiting for her in silence. Thenwe started in again, half stunned by the dimensions of our pleasure.
Steffie said quietly, „How do astronauts float?“There was a pause like a missing tick in eternity.
Denise stoppedeatingto say, ‘They’re lighter than air.“We all stopped eating. A worried silence ensued.
„There is no air,“ Heinrich said finally. „They can’t be lighter than something that isn’t there. Space is a vacuumexcept for heavy molecules.““I thought space w as cold,“ Babette said. cheap ghd straighteners „If there’s no air, how can it be cold? What makes warm or cold? Air, or soI thought. If there’s no air, there should be no cold. Like a nothing kind of day.““How can there be nothing?“ Denise said. „There has to be something.“‘There is something,“ ghd outlet Heinrich said in exasperation. ‘There’s heavy molecules.““Do-I-need-a-sweater kind of day,“ Babette said.
There was another pause. We waited to learn if the dialogue was over. Then we set to eating again. We tradedunwanted parts in silence, stuc cheap ghd straighteners £50 k our hands in cartons of rippled fries. Wilder liked the soft white fries and peoplepicked these out and gave them to him. Denise distributed ketchup in little watery pouches.
The interior of the car smelled of grease and licked flesh. We traded parts and gnawed.
Steffie said in a small voice, „How cold is space?“We all wait cheap ghd hair straighteners ed once more. Then Heinrich said, „It depends on how high you go. The higher you go, the colder it gets.““Wait a minute,“ Babette said. „The higher you go, the closer you get to the sun. So the warmer it gets.““What makes you think the sun is high?““Ho cheap ghd air w can the cheap ghd wide plate straighteners sun be low? You have to look u cheap ghd hair straighteners under £50 from usa sale p to see the sun.““What about at night?“ he said.
„It’s on the other side of the earth. But people still look up.““The whole point of Sir Albert Einstein,“ he said, „is how can the sun be up if you’re standing on the sun?““The sun is a great molten ball,“ she said. „It’s impossible to stand on the sun.““He was just heap ghd hair straighteners uk saying ‘if.’ Basically there is no up or down, hot or cold, day or night.““What is there?““Heavy molecules. The whole point of space is to give molecules a chance to cool down after they come shooting offthe surface cheap ghds of giant stars.““If there’s no hot or cold, how can molecules cool down?““Hot and cold are words. Think of them as words. We have to use words. We can’t just grunt.““It’s called the sun’s corolla,“ Denise said to Steffie in a separate discussion. „We s ghd straighteners aw it the other night on theweather network.““I thought Corolla was a car,“ Steffie said.
„Everything’s a car,“ Heinrich said. „The thing you have to understand about giant stars is that they have actualnuclear

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