something to do with their death

uring. None of last night’sparty came back and nothing was seen of the cacique. The Spaniards,however, thought that the Indians might have cheap ghd wide plate straighteners been accidentally overtur cheap ghd straighteners £50 nedin their canoe, as it was a small one, and as wine had been given themseveral times during their visit.
While he was still waiting for them, the Admiral sent some of his mento the place where La Navidad had stood. They found that the strong fortwith a palisade was burned down and demolished. They also found somecloaks and other clothes which had been carried off by the Indians, who cheap ghd flat iron seemed uneasy, and at first would not come near the party.
„This did not appear well“ to the Cheap ghds Spaniards, as the Admiral had toldthem how many canoes had com Cheap GHD Straighteners – Cheap ghds UK Sale e out to visit him in that very place on theother voyage. They tried to make friends, however, threw out to themsome bells, beads and other presents, and finally a relation of the caciqueand three others ventured to the boat, and were taken on board ship.
These men frankly admitted that the „christians“ were all dead. TheSpaniards had been told so the night before by their Indian interpreter, butthey had refused to believe him. They were now told that the King ofCanoaboa[*] and the King Mayreni had killed them and burned thevillage.
[*] „Canoaboa“ was thought to mean „Land of Gold.“They said, as the others had done, that Guacanagari was wounded inthe thigh and th cheap ghds ey, like the others, said they would go and summon him.
The Spaniards made them some presents, and they, too, disappeared.
Early the next mor heap ghd hair straighteners uk ning the Admiral himself, with a party, including Dr.
Chanca, went ashore.
„And we went where the town used to be, which we saw all burnt, andthe clothes of the christians were found on the grass there. At that time wesaw no dead body. There were among us many different o cheap ghd air pinions, somesuspecting that Guacanagari himself was (concerned) in the betrayal ordeath of the christians, and to others it did not appear so, as his town wasburnt, so that the thing was very doubtful.“The Admiral directed the whole place to be searched for gold, as hehad left orders that if any quantity of it were found, it should be buried.
While this search was being made, he and a few others went to lo Cheap GHD Straighteners ok for asuitable place for a new settlement. They arriv ghd outlet ed at a village of seven oreight houses, which the inh cheap ghd straighteners abitants deserted at once. Here they foundmany things belonging to the christians, s cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery uch as stockings, pieces of cloth,and „a very pretty mantle which had not been unfolded since it wasbrought from Castile.“ These, the Spaniards thought, could not have beenobtained by barter. There was also one of the anchors of the ship whichhad gone ashore on the first voyage.
When they returned to the site of La Navidad they found many Indians, who had become bold enough to come to barter gold. They had shown theplace where the bodies of eleven Spaniards lay „covered already by thegrass which had grow ghd straighteners n over them.“ They all „with one voice“ said thatCanoaboa and Mayreni had killed them. But as, at the same time, theycomplained that some of the christians had taken three Indian wives, andsome four, it seemed likely that a just resentment on the part of theislanders had had something to do with their death.

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