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e and for being so early abroad, upon his age, his profession, the rider answered that his name was Saint-Florent, one ghd straighteners of the most important merchants of Lyon, that he was thirty-six years old, that he was on his way back from Flanders where he had be heap ghd hair straighteners uk en concerned with affairs relative to his business, that he had not much hard money upon his person,butmany securities. He added that his valet had left him the preceding day and that, to avoid the heat, he was journeying at night with the intention of reaching Paris the next day, where he would secure a new domestic, and would conclude some of his transactions; that, moreover, he was following an unfamiliar road, cheap ghd wide plate straighteners and, apparently, he must have lost his way while dozing on his hors Cheap ghds e. And having said that, he asked for his life, in return offering all he possessed. His purse was examined, his money was counted, the prize could not have been better. Saint-Florent had near unto a half a million, payable upon demand at the capital, had also a few gems and about a hundred gold louis….
„Friend,“ said Coeur-de-fer, cla cheap ghd straighteners pping his pistol to Saint-Florent’s nose, „you understand, don’t you, th cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery at after having robbed you, we cannot leave you alive.“
„Oh Monsieur,“ I cried, casting myself at the villain’s feet, „I beseech you not to present me the horrible spectacle, upon my reception into your band, of this poor man’s death; allow him to live, do not refuse me this first request I ask of you.“
And quickly resorting to a most unusual ruse, in order to justify the interest I appeared to take in the captive:
„The name Monsieur has just given himself,“ I added with warmth, „causes me to believe we are nearly related. Be not astonished, Monsieur,“ I went on, now addressing the voyager, „be not at all surprised to find a kinsman ghd outlet in these circumstances; I will explain it all to you. In the light of this,“ I continued, once again imploring our chief, „in the light of this, Monsieur, grant me the unlucky creature’s cheap ghd straighteners £50 life, I will show my gratitude for the favor by the completest devotion to ail that will be able to serve your interests.“
„You know upon what conditions I can accord you what you ask, Therese,“ Co Cheap GHD Straighteners – Cheap ghds UK Sale eur-de-fer answered; „you know what I demand from you…“
„Ah, very well, Monsieur, I will do everything,“ I cried, throwing myself between Saint-Florent and our leader, who was still Cheap GHD Straighteners about to kill him. „Yes, I will do anything; spare him.“
„Let him live,“ said Coeur-de-fer, „but he has got to join us, that last clause is crucial, I can do nothing if he refuses to comply with it, my comrades would be against me.“
Surprised, the merchant, understanding nothing of this. consanguinity I was establishing, but observing his life saved if he were to cons cheap ghd air ent to the proposal, saw no cause for a moment’s hesitation. He was provided cheap ghd flat iron with meat and drink, as the men did not wish to leave the place until daybreak.
„Therese,“ Coeur-de-fer said to me, „I remind you of your promise, but, since I am weary tonight, rest quietly beside Dubois, I will summon you toward dawn and if you are not prompt to come, t cheap ghds aking this knave’s life will be my revenge for your deceit.“
„Sleep, Monsieur, sleep well,“ I replied, „and believe that she whom you have filled with gratitude has no desire but to repay it.“
However, such was far from my design, for if ever I believed deception permitted, it was certainly upon this

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