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at he had put to death twentySpaniards by treasonable means, but it is to be remembered that this is thestatement of his enemies. He, however, came to Columbus with a largebody of his people, all armed. When he was asked why he brought so largea force with him, he said that cheap ghd straighteners £50 so great a king as he, could not go anywherewithout a fitting military escort. But Ojeda did not hesitate to take himprisoner and carry him into Isabella, bound. As has been said, he waseventually sent to Spain, but he died on the passage.
Columbus made another fortress, or tower, on the border of KingGuar cheap ghd flat iron ionexius’s country, between his kingdom and Cipango. He gave tothis post heap ghd hair straighteners uk the name of the „Tower of the Conception,“ and meant it to be arallying point for the miners and others, in case of any uprising of thenatives against them. This prove ghd straighteners d to be an important centre for miningoperations. From this place, what w cheap ghd air e should call a nugget of gold, whichone of the chiefs brought in, was sent to Spain. It weighed twenty ounces.
A good deal of interest attached also to the discovery of amber, one massof which weighed three hundred pounds. Such discoveries renewed theinterest and hope which had been excited in Spain by the first accounts ofHispaniola.
Columbus satisfied himself that he left the island really subdued; andin leopard print ghds this impression he was not mistaken. Certain that his presence in Spainwas needed, if he would maintain his own character against the attacks ofthe disaffected Spaniards who cheap ghd wide plate straighteners had gone before him, he set sail on the Ninaon the tenth of March, taking with him as a consort a caravel which hadbeen built at Isabella. He did not arrive in Cadiz till the eleventh of June,having been absent from Sp cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery ain two years and nine months.
His return to Spain at this time gave Isabella another opportunity toshow the firmness of her character, and the determination to which alonebelongs success.
The excitement and popularity which attended the return from the firstvoyage had come to an end. Spain was in the period of reaction. Thedisappointment which naturally follows undue expectations and extravagant prophecies, was, in this instance, confirmed by the return ofdiscontented adventurers. Four hundred years have accustomed the worldto this reflex flow of disappointed c cheap ghds olonists, unable or unwilling to work ghd outlet ,who come back from a new land to say that its resources have beenexaggerated. In this case, where everything was measured by the standardof gold, it was certainly true that the supply of gold received from theislands was very small as compared with the expenses of the expeditionwhich had been sent out.
Five hundred Indians, who came to be taught the language, enteringSpain as slaves, were but a poor return for the expenses in which thenation, not to say individuals, had been involved. The people of Spain,therefore, so far as they could show their feeling, were prejudiced againstColumbus and those who surrounded him. They heard with incredulity theac Leopard print ghds uk – cheap ghds sale counts of Cuba which he gave, and were quite indifferent to thegeographical theories by which he wanted to prove that it was a part ofAsia. He believed that the rich mine cheap ghd straighteners s,

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