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do you mean?“ I asked.
„You think I’m some sort of goddamn charity case.“Dad stood up and put on his bomber jacket. He was avoiding all our eyes.
„Where are you going?“ I asked.
Dad just ghd outlet turned up his collar and walked out of the apartment. I listened to the sound of his boots going down the stairs.
„What did I do?“ I asked.
„Look at it from his perspective,“ Momsaid. „Youbuy him all these nice new things, and all he has fo cheap ghd flat iron r you is junk from the street. He’s the father. He’s the one who’s supposed to be taking care of you.“The room was quiet for a while. „I guess you don’t want your presents, either,“ I said to Mom.
„Oh, no,“ she said. „I love getting presents.“BY THE FOLLOWING summer, Mom and Dad were heading into their third year on the streets. They’d figured out how to make it work for them, and I gradually came around to accepting the notion that whether I liked it or not, this was how it was going to be. „It’s sort of the city’s fault,“ Mom told me. „They make it too easy to be homeless. If it was really unbearable, we’d do something different.“In August, Dad called to go over my course select heap ghd hair straighteners uk ion for the fall semester. He also wanted to discuss some of the books on the reading lists. Since he’d come to New York, he’d been borrowing leopard print ghds my assigned books from the cheap ghd air public library. He read every single one, he said, so he could answer any questions I might have. Mom said it was his way of getting a college education along with me.
When he asked me what courses I had signed up for, I said, „I’m thinking of dropping out.““The hell you are,“ Dad said.
I told him that while most of my tuition was covered by grants and loans and scholarships, the school expected me to contribute two thousand dollars a year. But over the summer, I had been able to save only a thousand dollars. I needed another thousand and had no way to come up with it.
„Why didn’t you tell me sooner?“ Dad asked.
Dad called a week later and told me to meet him at Lori’s. When he arrived with Mom, he was carrying a large cheap ghds plastic garbage bag and had a small brown paper bag tucked under h cheap ghd wide plate straighteners is arm. I assumed it was a bottle of booze, but then he opened the paper bag and turned it upside down. Hundreds of dollar bills

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