I had about as much chance of

urant, and taking art classes and even fencing lessons. She’d met the most fascinating group of people, every one of them a weird genius. People in New York loved art and music so much, she said, that artists sold paintings right on the sidewalk next to string quartets playing Mozart. Even Central Park wasn’t as dangerous as people in West Virginia thought. On the weekends, it was filled with rollerskatersand Frisbee players cheap ghd wide plate straighteners and jugglers and mimes with their faces painted white. She knew I’d love it once I got there. I knew it, too.
Ever since I’d started eleventh grade, I’d been counting off the months梩wenty-two of them梪ntil I would join Lori. I had my plan worked out. Once I had graduated from high school, I’d move to New York, enroll at a city c cheap ghd air ollege, and then get a job with AP or UPI, the wire services whose stor ghd straighteners cheap ies unspooled cheap ghd straighteners from the Welch Daily News Teletype machines, or with one of the famous New York papers. I’d overhear the reporters at The Welch Daily News make jokes to one another about the highfalutin writers who worked at those papers. I was determined to become one.
* * *In the middle of my junior year, I went to Miss Katona, the high school guidance counselor, to ask for the names of colleges in New York. Miss Katona lifted the glasses that dangled from a cord around her ghd straighteners neck and peered at me through cheap ghd straighteners £50 them. Bluefield State was only thirty-six miles away, she said, and with my grades, I could probably get a full scholarship.
„I want to go to college in New York,“ I said.
Miss Katona gave me a puzzled frown. „Whatever for?““That’s where I want cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery to live.“Miss Katona said that in her view, this was a bad idea. It was easier to go t cheap ghd flat iron o college in the state where you had attended high school. You were considered in-state, which meant acceptance was more likely and tuition was cheaper.
I thought about this for a minute. „Maybe I should move to New York City right now and graduate from high school there. Then I’d be considered in-state.“Miss Katona squinted at me. „But you live here,“ she said. „This is your home.“Miss Katona was a fine-boned woman who always wore button-up sweaters and stout shoes. She had gone to Welch High School, and it seemed not discount ghd straighteners to have occurred to her to live anywhere else. To leave West Virginia, even to leave Welch, would have been unthinkably disloyal, like deserting your family.
„Just because I live here now,“ I said. „doesn’t mean I co ghd outlet uldn’t move.““That would be a terrible mistake. You live here. Think of what you’d miss. heap ghd hair straighteners uk Your family and friends. And senior year is the highlight of your entire high school experience. You’d miss Senior Day. You’d miss the senior prom.“* * *I walked home slowly that evening, thinking over what Miss Katona had said. It was true that many grown-ups in Welch talked about how senior year in high school was the highlight of their lives. On Senior Day, something the school had set up to keep juniors from dropping out, the seniors wore funny clothes and got to skip classes. It was not exactly a compelling reason to stay on in Welch for one more year. As for the senior prom, I had about as much chance of getting a date as Dad did of endi cheap ghds ng corruption in the unions.
I’d been speaking hypothetically about moving to New York a year early. But as I walked, I realized that if I wanted to, I could up and go. I could real Buy discount ghd straighteners cheap sale uk ly do it. Maybe not right now, not this minute梚t was the middle of the

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